1.1 Introduction

Wireless Communications Security: Solutions for the Internet of Things presents key aspects of the mobile telecommunications field. The book includes essential background information of technologies that work as building blocks for the security of the current wireless systems and solutions. It also describes many novelty and expected future development options and discusses respective security aspects and protection methods.

This first chapter gives an overview to wireless security aspects by describing current and most probable future wireless security solutions, and discusses technological background, challenges and needs. The focus is on technical descriptions of existing systems and new trends like the evolved phase of Internet of Things (IoT). The book also gives an overview of existing and potential security threats, presents methods for protecting systems, operators and end‐users, describes security systems attack types and the new dangers in the ever‐evolving mobile communications networks and Internet which will include new ways of data transfer during the forthcoming years.

Chapter 1 presents overall advances in securing mobile and wireless communications, and sets the stage by summarizing the key standardization and statistics of the wireless communications environment. This chapter builds the base for understanding wireless network security principles, architectural design, deployment, installation, configuration, testing, certification ...

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