1. Applications, Models, Problems, and Solution Strategies

Hai Liu, Amiya Nayak, and Ivan Stojmenovic

1.1. Wireless Sensors

1.2. Single-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks

1.3. Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks

1.4. Event-Driven, Periodic, and On-Demand Reporting

1.5. Unit Disk Graph Modeling, Hop Count Metric, and Probabilistic Reception

1.6. Adjustable Transmission Range and Power Metric

1.7. Cost Metrics

1.8. Sleep and Active State Modeling

1.9. Architectures for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks

1.10. Simple Models and Application of Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks

1.11. Generating Connected Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks

1.12. Generating Mobile Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks

1.13. Problems at Physical, MAC, and Transport Layers

1.14. Problems at the Network Layer

1.15. Localized Protocols as the Solution Framework

1.16. Implementation of Sensor Motes

1.17. Experiments On Test Beds

1.18. Experiences with the Development of Sensor Network Systems


2. Energy-Efficient Backbones and Broadcasting in Sensor and Actuator Networks

Hai Liu, Amiya Nayak, and Ivan Stojmenovic

2.1. Backbones

2.2. Grid Partitioning-Based Backbones

2.3. Clustering-Based Backbones

2.4. Connected Dominating Sets as Backbones

2.5. Overview of Broadcasting Techniques

2.6. Physical Layer-Based Flooding, Neighbor Detection and Route Discovery

2.7. Parameterless Broadcasting for Delay Tolerant-Networks

2.8. Backbones and Broadcasting in Sensor–Actuator ...

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