Accelerometer sensor, 17

Access modes, MAC layer, 91

ACK, see Asymmetric acknowledgment

Acknowledgment spoofing attack, 414

Active anomaly detection system (ANDES), 498

Active badge location system, 193

Active office localization technique, 193

Adaptive energy-efficient data fusion, 343

Adaptive fusion steiner tree (AFST), 343

Adaptive least temperature routing (ALTR), 93

Adaptive mobility medium access control (AM-MAC), 110

Adaptive Periodic TEEN (APTEEN), 309

Additively homomorphic operation, 447

Ad hoc inter-WBANs, 87

Ad hoc localization system (AHLoS), 204

Ad hoc networks, 307

reputation- and trust-based security framework for, 450

and WSNs, 34

Ad hoc positioning system (APS), 198

DV–distance propagation method, 201

DV–hop propagation ...

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