Chapter 3. Mastering the Advanced Features of Wireshark

In this chapter, we will look under the hood of the Statistics menu in Wireshark and work with different command-line utilities that come pre-packaged with Wireshark. Here, we will cover the following topics:

  • Collecting network stats using Wireshark's Statistics menu
  • LabUp—Summary, Protocol Hierarchy, Conversations, and Endpoints
  • Mapping overall traffic in graphical form
  • LabUp—Graphs
  • View network traffic in plain-text form
  • LabUp—TCP Streams
  • Learn how to view logged anomalies in your trace file
  • LabUp—Expert Infos
  • Using command-line tools for protocol analysis
  • LabUp—CommandLine
  • Practice questions

With Wireshark, you can access a variety of statistics about the packets and protocols involved in the communication ...

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