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Wise Money: Using the Endowment Investment Approach to Minimize Volatility and Increase Control

Book Description

The secret to one of the most successful strategies of the last several decades--endowment investing

While individual investors have struggled in recent years, many college endowments have reaped the benefits of steady year-over-year growth. In Wise Money, bestselling personal finance author Daniel Wildermuth reveals the investing world's biggest secret and helps you replicate the performance endowment investors have been enjoying for years. This results-driven book shows you how to:

  • Create a portfolio similar to those used by the most sophisticated investors in the world
  • Combine different investments to potentially provide both high income and strong growth potential
  • Reduce your wealth's exposure to risk and volatility through intelligent diversification
  • Include investments that are likely to excel during times of higher inflation
  • Select various alternative investments that you may be able to use to dramatically improve your financial health

Take it from a five-star wealth manager: Wise Money puts you at the head of the class with the investors who have all the money.