Chapter 3

To and Fro in a Document

In This Chapter

arrow Using the scroll bars

arrow Moving the insertion pointer

arrow Getting around with keyboard shortcuts

arrow Getting lost and getting back

arrow Using the Go To command

I like the word fro. I like the word yon. They’re archaic in the English language, referring to a direction and a location, respectively. Fro makes no sense by itself, so it’s used in the phrase to and fro, which refers to going somewhere and then back again. Yon is often seen with its friends hither and thither, meaning “here” and “there.” In that context, yon is a place beyond there (wherever there is). It’s also short for yonder, which is another cool word that most people no longer use.

As you work in Word, you find yourself moving to and fro and hither, thither, and yon. That’s because writing text isn’t always a linear task. You need to move that little insertion-pointer guy around the document. It’s basic movement. It’s the topic of this chapter.

Scroll Through a Document

It’s ironic ...

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