Chapter 6

Blocks o’ Text

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding blocks of text

arrow Marking a block with the keyboard

arrow Selecting text with the mouse

arrow Using the F8 key to mark text

arrow Unblocking text

arrow Copying and moving blocks of text

arrow Pasting text in various ways

Writing is about blocks. From the moveable blocks used by the ancient Chinese for printing to the inevitable writer’s block. In Word, blocks refer to selected chunks of text in a document, which I believe you’ll find more useful than the other types of blocks.

Meet Mr. Block

“Hello, Mr. Block! How do you do?”

“Well! I’m a block of text. I have a beginning and an end. I can be any size, from a single character to the entire document.”

To create Mr. Block, you select text. You can use the keyboard. You can use the mouse. You can use both at ...

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