Chapter 26

Let’s Work This Out

In This Chapter

arrow Sticking comments in a document

arrow Highlighting text

arrow Finding changes in a document

arrow Tracking changes in a document

arrow Reviewing document changes

arrow Sharing by using online collaboration

Writing isn’t a team sport, but it can be. Eventually, writers encounter collaboration, welcome or not. Often it comes in the form of an editor, but occasionally others chime in. To assist in that task, Word gives you some work-it-out-together tools. They help you share ideas, point out issues that need attention, and even see who has done exactly what to your precious text.

Comments on Your Text

You can write a note to yourself, or those reading your document can jot a note. They can do so right in the text, which is très gauche, coloring the text in another font, or using ALL CAPS, or surrounding it with triple curly brackets or some other such nonsense. ...

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