Word For Dummies

Book description

Write on with Microsoft Word!

If you create professional-looking documents on a regular basis, you require a mighty word processor that offers all the power and capabilities to create them. Enter Microsoft Word! Pair it with Word For Dummies to hone all your word-processing skills. The book is filled with useful tips and suggestions that allow you to get the most out of Word, as well as helpful information on the latest features. It also shows you how to customize and configure Word for your optimal workflow.

Get details on the new Word interface; tools to quickly edit and format your documents; methods to organize your text with tables; techniques to insert charts, photos, and other graphics for visual interest; ways to automate routine document creation tasks; and how best to collaborate, share, and exchange documents with co-workers.

  • Use Windows tools to quickly access Word and optimize your productivity
  • Seamlessly integrate Word with other Office applications (Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel)
  • Employ document formatting features to create a clean layout and text presentation
  • Exchange comments with co-workers using @mention notifications
  • Customize the Word interface, including the dark mode feature
  • Have a friendly, useful guide on Microsoft Word on hand when you need it

With Word For Dummies by your side, you can once again make working with Word a pleasure. Soon, you'll be creating picture-, letter- and word-perfect documents.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. How to Use This Book
    3. Foolish Assumptions
    4. What’s Not Here
    5. Icons Used in This Book
    6. Where to Go from Here
  5. Part 1: Your Introduction to Word
    1. Chapter 1: Hello, Word!
      1. Start Your Word Day
      2. Behold the Word Program
      3. End Your Word Day
    2. Chapter 2: The Typing Chapter
      1. Input Devices Galore
      2. Keyboard Do’s and Don’ts
      3. Stuff That Happens While You Type
  6. Part 2: Your Basic Word
    1. Chapter 3: To and Fro in a Document
      1. Document Scrolling
      2. Move the Insertion Pointer
      3. Return to the Previous Edit
      4. Go to Wherever with the Go To Command
    2. Chapter 4: Text Editing
      1. Remove Text You Don’t Want
      2. Split and Join Paragraphs
      3. Soft and Hard Returns
      4. Undo Mistakes with Undo Haste
    3. Chapter 5: Search for This, Replace It with That
      1. Text Happily Found
      2. Replace Found Text
    4. Chapter 6: Blocks o’ Text
      1. Meet Mr. Block
      2. Mark a Block of Text
      3. Manipulate a Block of Text
    5. Chapter 7: Spell It Write
      1. Check Your Spelling
      2. AutoCorrect in Action
      3. Grammar Be Good
      4. All-at-Once Document Proofing
      5. Document Proofing Settings
    6. Chapter 8: Documents New, Saved, and Opened
      1. Some Terms to Get Out of the Way
      2. Behold! A New Document
      3. Save Your Stuff!
      4. Open a Document
      5. Recover a Draft
    7. Chapter 9: Publish Your Document
      1. Your Document on Paper
      2. Electronically Publishing Your Document
  7. Part 3: Fun with Formatting
    1. Chapter 10: Character Formatting
      1. Text Formatting Techniques
      2. Basic Text Formats
      3. Text Transcending Teensy to Titanic
      4. More Colorful Text
      5. Change Text Case
      6. Clear Character Formatting
      7. Behold the Font Dialog Box
    2. Chapter 11: Paragraph Formatting
      1. Paragraph Formatting Rules and Regulations
      2. Justification and Alignment
      3. Make Room Before, After, or Inside Paragraphs
      4. Paragraph Indentation Madness
    3. Chapter 12: Tab Formatting
      1. Once Upon a Tab
      2. The Standard Left Tab Stop
      3. The Center Tab Stop
      4. The Right Tab Stop
      5. The Decimal Tab
      6. The Bar Tab
      7. Fearless Leader Tabs
      8. Tab Stop, Be Gone!
    4. Chapter 13: Page Formatting
      1. Describe That Page
      2. Page Numbering
      3. New Pages from Nowhere
      4. Page Background Froufrou
    5. Chapter 14: Section Formatting
      1. Slice a Document into Sections
      2. That First Page
      3. Headers and Footers
    6. Chapter 15: Style Formatting
      1. The Big Style Overview
      2. Make Your Own Styles
      3. Style Tips and Tricks
    7. Chapter 16: Template and Themes Formatting
      1. Instant Documents with Templates
      2. Templates of Your Own
      3. The Theme of Things
    8. Chapter 17: Random Drawer Formatting
      1. Weird and Fun Text Effects
      2. Steal This Format!
      3. Automatic Formatting
      4. Center a Page, Top to Bottom
  8. Part 4: Spruce Up a Dull Document
    1. Chapter 18: They’re Called Borders
      1. The Basics of Borders
      2. The Borders and Shading Dialog Box
      3. Stick a thick line between paragraphs
    2. Chapter 19: Able Tables
      1. Put a Table in Your Document
      2. Text in Tables
      3. Table Modification
    3. Chapter 20: Columns of Text
      1. All about Columns
      2. Column Tricks
    4. Chapter 21: Lots of Lists
      1. Lists with Bullets and Numbers
      2. Document Content Lists
      3. Footnotes and Endnotes
    5. Chapter 22: Here Come the Graphics
      1. Graphical Goobers in the Text
      2. Image Layout
      3. Image Editing
      4. Image Arrangement
    6. Chapter 23: Insert Tab Insanity
      1. Characters Foreign and Funky
      2. Spice Up a Document with a Text Box
      3. Fun with Fields
      4. The Date and Time
  9. Part 5: The Rest of Word
    1. Chapter 24: Multiple Documents, Windows, and File Formats
      1. Multiple Document Mania
      2. Many, Many Document Types
    2. Chapter 25: Word for Writers
      1. Organize Your Thoughts
      2. Large Documents
      3. Dan’s Writing Tips
    3. Chapter 26: Let’s Work This Out
      1. Comments on Your Text
      2. The Yellow Highlighter
      3. Look What They've Done to My Text, Ma
      4. Collaborate on the Internet
    4. Chapter 27: Mail Merge Mania
      1. About Mail Merge
      2. I. The Main Document
      3. II. The Recipient List
      4. III. Fold In the Fields
      5. IV. Preview the Merged Documents
      6. V. Mail Merge, Ho!
    5. Chapter 28: Labels and Envelopes
      1. Labels Everywhere
      2. Instant Envelope
    6. Chapter 29: A More Custom Word
      1. A Better Status Bar
      2. The Quick Access Toolbar
      3. Customize the Ribbon
  10. Part 6: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 30: The Ten Commandments of Word
      1. Thou Shalt Remember to Save Thy Work
      2. Thou Shalt Not Use Spaces Unnecessarily
      3. Thou Shalt Not Abuse the Enter Key
      4. Thou Shalt Not Neglect Keyboard Shortcuts
      5. Thou Shalt Not Manually Number Thy Pages
      6. Thou Shalt Not Force a New Page
      7. Thou Shalt Not Forget Thy Undo Command
      8. Honor Thy Printer
      9. Thou Shalt Have Multiple Document Windows Before Thee
      10. Neglecteth Not Windows
    2. Chapter 31: Ten Cool Tricks
      1. Side-to-Side Page Movement
      2. Automatic Save with AutoRecover
      3. Accelerate the Ribbon
      4. Ancient Word Keyboard Shortcuts
      5. Build Your Own Fractions
      6. Electronic Bookmarks
      7. Lock Your Document
      8. The Drop Cap
      9. Map Your Document
      10. Sort Your Text
    3. Chapter 32: Ten Bizarre Things
      1. Equations
      2. Video in Your Document
      3. Hidden Text
      4. The Developer Tab
      5. Hyphenation
      6. Document Properties
      7. Document Version History
      8. Collect-and-Paste
      9. Click-and-Type
      10. Translations
    4. Chapter 33: Ten Automatic Features Worthy of Deactivation
      1. Bye-Bye, Start Screen
      2. Restore the Traditional Open and Save Dialog Boxes
      3. Turn Off the Mini Toolbar
      4. Select Text by Letter
      5. Disable Click-and-Type
      6. Paste Plain Text Only
      7. Disable AutoFormat Features (×4)
  11. Index
  12. About the Author
  13. Advertisement Page
  14. Connect with Dummies
  15. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Word For Dummies
  • Author(s): Dan Gookin
  • Release date: December 2021
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119829171