Word Processing in Pages '09: The Mini Missing Manual

Book Description

Whether you're a Word maven, a Windows switcher, or new to computers entirely, you'll get up to speed in Pages much more quickly with the help of this eBook.

Table of Contents

  1. Your First Word-Processing Document
    1. In Your Own Words
    2. Save and Print
  2. Editing Text in Pages
    1. Word Processor Text vs. Text Boxes
    2. Basic Text Editing in Pages
      1. Inserting Text
      2. Deleting Text
      3. Making a Selection
      4. Cutting, Copying, and Pasting
      5. Using Drag-and-Drop Editing
      6. Using Shortcut Menus
    3. Undoing and Backing Up
      1. Backing Up the Previous Version of a Document
    4. Changing Font Styles and Appearance
      1. The Fonts Window
      2. Setting Colors and Character Spacing in the Text Inspector
      3. The Format➝Font Menu
    5. Formatting Paragraphs
      1. Aligning Your Text
      2. Between the Lines: Line Spacing
      3. Spacing Your Paragraphs
      4. Setting Tabs
      5. Indenting Text
      6. Setting Paragraph Borders and Background Color
      7. Coping with Break-Ups
    6. Spaces, Invisibles, and Special Characters
      1. Viewing Invisibles
      2. Inserting Special Characters and Symbols
    7. Working with Lists
      1. Using List Styles
      2. Organizing and Nesting Your Lists
  3. Creating and Using Styles
    1. When You Need Styles: Know the Warning Signs
    2. Style Central: Meet the Styles Drawer
    3. Applying Styles
      1. Style Overrides
    4. Creating Styles by Example
      1. Modifying Existing Paragraph and List Styles
      2. Creating New Paragraph and List Styles
      3. Modifying Existing Character Styles
      4. Creating New Character Styles
    5. Finding and Copying Styles
      1. Copying Styles
      2. Importing Styles from Another Document
    6. Changing the Default Font
  4. Typo-Busting Power Tools
    1. Changing Your Mind: Find & Replace
      1. Find
      2. Find & Replace
    2. Spell Checking
      1. Check Spelling As You Type
      2. Check Spelling in the Document or Selection
    3. The Proofreader
      1. Proofread Your Document
      2. Proofread as You Type
    4. Auto-Correction and Text Substitution

Product Information

  • Title: Word Processing in Pages '09: The Mini Missing Manual
  • Author(s): Josh Clark
  • Release date: February 2010
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781449383381