WordPress® 24-Hour Trainer

Video description

The eagerly anticipated second edition, completely updated for WordPress 3.1

As an open source content management system, WordPress allows users to easily build feature-rich web sites with no programming experience. This unique book-and-video package is a friendly, self-paced beginners guide to the latest release of WordPress. Lessons are focused on practical, everyday tasks that users will need to create and maintain their sites: entering new content, creating new pages, managing menus, making content search-engine friendly. Plus you'll find lots of tips based on years of experience teaching people to use WordPress.

You'll also learn how to extend the functionality of WordPress by using the thousands of plugins available. Connecting to social media, creating membership and e-commerce sites, setting up events calendars, making your site mobile-friendly—these are just some of the plugins you'll be introduced to. Each lesson in the book is supplemented by an instructional video intended to enhance your learning experience. Plus, a trouble-shooting appendix addresses various issues to help you solve any challenges you may face.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 03A: Creating a Database in cPanel 00:02:44
  2. Chapter 03B: Manually Configuring the wp-config.php File 00:03:48
  3. Chapter 04A: Quick Tour of the Admin Area 00:03:27
  4. Chapter 04B: Customizing Admin Screens 00:04:48
  5. Chapter 05A: Default Settings You Should Check 00:04:34
  6. Chapter 05B: Your User Profile Settings 00:03:49
  7. Chapter 06A: Overview of Adding a Post 00:02:34
  8. Chapter 06B: Categories and Tags 00:03:39
  9. Chapter 06C: Publishing Options 00:03:25
  10. Chapter 07A: Text Editor Basics 00:04:48
  11. Chapter 07B: External and Internal Linking 00:04:19
  12. Chapter 07C: Re-sizing the Text Editor 00:02:20
  13. Chapter 07D: Importing Text 00:02:57
  14. Chapter 08A: Aligning Text 00:04:47
  15. Chapter 08B: Creating Lists 00:02:51
  16. Chapter 08C: Working with Headings 00:04:16
  17. Chapter 09A: Displaying Meta Boxes 00:02:25
  18. Chapter 09B: Post Formats 00:02:27
  19. Chapter 09C: Featured Images 00:03:42
  20. Chapter 09D: Excerpts and the More Button 00:02:51
  21. Chapter 10A: Overview of Adding a New Page 00:02:29
  22. Chapter 10B: Page Templates 00:01:46
  23. Chapter 11A: Inserting an Image into a Post 00:02:33
  24. Chapter 11B: Media Library vs. Galleries 00:04:04
  25. Chapter 12A: Overview of the Upload/Insert Tabs 00:02:43
  26. Chapter 13A: Text for Images 00:04:59
  27. Chapter 13B: Image Links, Alignment, and Size 00:04:34
  28. Chapter 13C: Sizing Image for the Web 00:03:06
  29. Chapter 14A: The Image Editor 00:04:24
  30. Chapter 14B: Moving and Sizing Images in Visual Mode of the Text Editor 00:02:57
  31. Chapter 14C: The Edit Image Window 00:01:58
  32. Chapter 15A: Inserting an Image Gallery into a Post 00:04:37
  33. Chapter 15B: Changing Image Order in an Image Gallery 00:02:09
  34. Chapter 16A: Auto-Embedding Video 00:03:10
  35. Chapter 17A: Inserting a PDF into a Post 00:02:04
  36. Chapter 17B: Updating a PDF 00:02:09
  37. Chapter 18A: Finding Post and Pages 00:03:08
  38. Chapter 18B: Using Quick Edit 00:01:36
  39. Chapter 18C: Using Bulk Actions 00:03:19
  40. Chapter 19A: Finding Media Files 00:03:23
  41. Chapter 19B: Deleting Images Used in Multiple Posts 00:03:40
  42. Chapter 20A: Managing Post Categories 00:04:17
  43. Chapter 20B: Managing Post Tags 00:04:38
  44. Chapter 21A: What Are Widgets? 00:03:18
  45. Chapter 21B: Managing Widgets 00:04:52
  46. Chapter 21C: Creating and Managing a Menu 00:06:09
  47. Chapter 22A: Adding Links and Link Categories 00:04:19
  48. Chapter 23A: Finding Comments 00:03:15
  49. Chapter 23B: Managing Comments 00:03:20
  50. Chapter 24A: Adding a Mailing List Signup Form 00:03:04
  51. Chapter 24B: Adding an RSS Feed 00:02:45
  52. Chapter 24C: Adding a Map 00:03:09
  53. Chapter 25A: Do-It-Yourself Social Media Follow Buttons 00:02:44
  54. Chapter 25B: What Your RSS Feed Looks Like 00:02:38
  55. Chapter 26A: Adding a New User 00:02:00
  56. Chapter 27A: Finding a Theme 00:03:03
  57. Chapter 28A: Installing and Managing Themes 00:02:31
  58. Chapter 29A: Working with Theme Options 00:02:18
  59. Chapter 29B: Modifying Your Style Sheet 00:03:59
  60. Chapter 30A: The Importance of Titles for SEO 00:03:17
  61. Chapter 31A: Working with Permalinks 00:03:59
  62. Chapter 31B: Example of an SEO Plugin 00:04:36
  63. Chapter 32A: Gathering Site Statistics: Server Logs vs. Page Tagging 00:02:47
  64. Chapter 33A: Updating WordPress and Plugins 00:02:41
  65. Chapter 34A: Backing Up Your Database 00:03:07
  66. Chapter 34B: Backing Up Your Server Files 00:02:07
  67. Chapter 35A: Finding and Choosing Plugins 00:03:32
  68. Chapter 35B: Installing and Activating Plugins 00:02:49
  69. Chapter 36A: NextGen Gallery 00:04:39
  70. Chapter 36B: Contact Form 7 00:04:51
  71. Chapter 37A: The Variety of Plugins Available 00:02:33

Product information

  • Title: WordPress® 24-Hour Trainer
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2011
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 01420110018SI