I WANT TO THANK Carol Long for sending the tweet that got this all started years ago and for being a great Acquisitions Editor/hockey mom through the entire process of all of my projects with Wiley; the whole Wiley team, in particular the editorial staff headed by Ed Connor, who kept it all running smoothly even when I made the road a bit bumpy, Kim Cofer, who made sure my that's and which's were right way 'round and my voice was active, and Mike Little for his indispensable technical editing; Doris Michaels for pointing me to my wonderful agent, Carole Jelen, who's been so supportive; friends like Karen Hollowell, who got me addicted to 3 × 5 note cards and was my Canadian/American cultural attaché, Ann Douglas for running the mother of all author support lines, Peggy Richardson for her insights into the art of writing books and for doing some research, Angela Crocker for all her support, and Julie Winkel for the use of the MacBook when mine suddenly “retired” from doing videos, the programmers who make WordPress possible, and the WordPress community, from whom I've learned and continue to learn so much; and finally, I want to thank all my clients over the years and the readers of the first edition, who, by asking great questions, have helped me learn to explain things more clearly.

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