Adding a New Post — Overview

In this lesson, you learn the basics of creating a new post, tagging it and categorizing it, and then publishing it to your website. Virtually everything I talk about here applies to writing pages. When I use the term post, then, I'm also talking about pages. I'll point out important differences as they come up and then, in Lesson 10, I cover the elements unique to pages.


A new post can be started from three locations on the admin screen: the Add New link on the left-hand menu under Posts (or Add New under Pages), from the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen, or from the Admin Bar (if you have it displayed), as shown in Figure 6-1.



image Bloggers and others in a hurry should note that posts (but not pages) can also be added from the QuickPress section of the Dashboard as well as from a Press This bookmarklet, if you have it installed in your browser.

Any of these links take you to the Add New Post screen, the default version of which is shown in Figure 6-2.



The meta boxes in this figure, which I've labeled for ease of reference, are the ones you'll work with the most. Additional meta boxes exist but are ...

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