Managing Post Categories and Tags

As your website grows and evolves, you may need to change the names of tags or the relationships between categories, for example. In this lesson, I show you how to manage all aspects of your categories and tags.


I showed you in Lesson 6 how to add new categories from the Add New Post Screen (or the Edit Post screen). You also saw in Lesson 18 how to add and remove categories for a post through Quick Edit or how to add categories to multiple posts at one time with Bulk Edit. Now it's time to look at managing the categories themselves.

You can manage categories through the Posts image Categories link on the main menu, which produces the screen in Figure 20-1.

The left side of the screen is for adding categories and the right is for editing, moving, or deleting existing categories.

Adding Categories

When you add a category in the Add/Edit Post screens, you only have the option of choosing a category parent. Here, you can also enter a description for the category and what's called the category slug.

The description is helpful when you have several people working on a site and you need to make clear what belongs in a particular category. Sometimes, the description might be used by a theme at the beginning of a category page, for example, or you could customize your theme to make use of it.


The category slug is used by WordPress ...

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