Bringing in Content from Other Sites

It's important to say at the outset that when I talk about bringing in content from other sites, I do not mean:

  • Stealing content from others (using it without their permission)
  • Duplicating content that's on other sites (even using it with permission)

Both of these actions have very bad consequences, so just don't go there. The first is wrong morally and legally; the second can cause, at worst, blacklisting of your page/site by search engines, and at the very least, if you're duplicating content from your own site(s), a potential dilution of your search engine ranking (when some people link to one page or site and some to another).

The kind of content I'm talking about can be divided into three primary groups:

  • Social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, and so on)
  • Content you own, pay for, or have permission to use, that comes from a third party (real estate listings, shopping cart systems such as Amazon stores, or weather, stock, or other updated information)
  • RSS and other headline-type feeds

In this lesson, I talk about how to integrate them into WordPress and a bit about how to find them.


If you have social media accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook, the content you're generating on those sites could be useful on your WordPress site. If you don't have any social media accounts related to the topic of your site, you should get some! In this lesson, I deal with very simple ways to display social media feeds on your site ...

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