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WordPress 3 Site Blueprints

Book Description

Ready-made plans for 9 different professional WordPress sites

  • Everything you need to build a varied collection of feature-rich customized WordPress websites for yourself

  • Transform a static website into a dynamic WordPress blog

  • In-depth coverage of several WordPress themes and plugins

  • Packed with screenshots and step-by-step instructions to help you complete each site

  • In Detail

    Sure, WordPress can be used for blogging, but this powerful software is capable of so much more. With the right combination of plugins, themes, customizations, and configurations WordPress can be transformed into a community portal, an e-commerce site, and much more. While it is easy to get started with WordPress, its full power is not obvious. There is very little that WordPress can't do—if you can image it, then it's probably possible with WordPress. If you want to create a powerful, fully-featured blog or non-blog website in no time, this book is for you.

    While some books merely talk about the capabilities of WordPress in general and leave you to figure out how they apply to your situation, WordPress 3 Site Blueprints takes a different approach. The first chapter will show you how to migrate from an existing static website to a WordPress blog. Each of the other chapters is devoted to the construction of a different type of site that can be created with WordPress and the right combination of themes and/or plugins. As you follow along, you will learn by doing because each of these nine chapters shows you how to build a WordPress-powered site from start to finish. That means that, by the time you reach the end of every chapter, you will have a fully-functional site online.

    Each chapter provides easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions along with screenshots to help you follow along easily. In addition, detailed information is provided to help you optimally configure each and every plugin and theme mentioned in this book so that you can get the most out of each of these sites. By the time you reach the end of each blueprint, you will have a fully functional site online that is ready for use as is or that you may customize further if you so desire.

    A comprehensive, step-by-step guide on building several WordPress-powered websites that are anything but ordinary

    Table of Contents

    1. WordPress 3 Site Blueprints
      1. WordPress 3 Site Blueprints
      2. Credits
      3. About the Author
      4. About the Reviewers
      5. Preface
        1. What this book covers
        2. What you need for this book
        3. Who this book is for
        4. Conventions
        5. Reader feedback
        6. Customer support
          1. Errata
          2. Piracy
          3. Questions
      6. 1. Project 1: Migrating a Static Website to WordPress
        1. Preparing for the transition
        2. Installing WordPress
          1. Hiding your new WordPress installation
        3. Two methods for migrating content
          1. The manual method
          2. The automatic method
        4. Partially revealing WordPress
        5. Turning your current template into a theme
          1. Inner workings of WordPress
          2. A WordPress page is the sum of its parts
          3. Beginning of a theme
          4. Segmenting the template from your previous site
          5. Creating the functions file
          6. Creating the header template
          7. Creating the index template
          8. Creating the single template
          9. Creating the page template
          10. Creating the sidebar template
          11. Creating the footer template
          12. Adding comments templates
          13. Polishing your newly created WordPress theme
          14. Adding a screenshot for your theme
        6. Starting fresh with a new theme
          1. Free themes
          2. Premium themes
        7. Maintaining search engine ranking
          1. Introducing Redirection
          2. Setting up and configuring Redirection
        8. Completing the switch to the new website
        9. Testing your new website for errors
          1. W3C validators
            1. Link checking
            2. MarkUp Validator
            3. CSS Validator
          2. Cross-browser compatibility
          3. Content inspection
        10. Submitting a sitemap to the search engines
          1. Introducing Google XML Sitemaps
            1. Setting up and configuring Google XML Sitemaps
        11. Summary
      7. 2. Project 2: Building a Community Portal
        1. Integrating WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress
        2. Checking for mod_rewrite
        3. Enabling the WordPress Network menu
        4. Network installation
          1. Enabling the network
        5. Setting up and configuring Super Admin
          1. Sites
          2. Users
          3. Options
          4. Update Network
        6. Activating the BuddyPress Default theme
        7. Setting up and configuring BuddyPress
          1. BuddyPress Settings
          2. Component Setup
          3. Profile Field Setup
          4. Allowing your users to create forums
            1. Installing and integrating bbPress
        8. Activating plugins across your portal
        9. Battling bots and spam
          1. Modifying .htaccess to stop splog registrations
          2. Plugins aimed at spam prevention
            1. Introducing SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam
            2. Setting up and configuring SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam
            3. Introducing Slide 2 Comment
              1. Setting up and configuring Slide 2 Comment
            4. Introducing Simple Trackback Validation
              1. Setting up and configuring Simple Trackback Validation
          3. Staying one step ahead of the spammers
        10. Preserving the privacy of BuddyPress member profiles
          1. Introducing BuddyPress Profile Privacy
            1. Setting up and configuring BuddyPress Profile Privacy
        11. Giving your community portal a new look
          1. Customizing the BuddyPress Default
          2. Installing a BuddyPress-compatible theme
            1. Free themes
            2. Premium themes
          3. Adding BuddyPress support to an existing theme
            1. Introducing BuddyPress Template Pack
              1. Setting up and configuring BuddyPress Template Pack
            2. Removing the BuddyPress is ready message
            3. Adding navigation links to your site
        12. Going beyond the basic themes for users
        13. Testing your installation of BuddyPress and bbPress
          1. Creating a new account from the frontend
          2. Adding a new group
          3. Managing your blog
          4. Performing additional tests
          5. Concluding the testing process
        14. Summary
      8. 3. Project 3: Building an E-Commerce Website
        1. Introducing WP e-Commerce
          1. Setting up and configuring WP e-Commerce
            1. Sales
            2. Categories
            3. Variations
            4. Marketing
            5. Settings
              1. Presentation
              2. Admin
              3. Shipping
              4. Payment Options
              5. Checkout
            6. Upgrades
        2. Gold modules and plugins for additional features and specialized selling
          1. Gold Cart and Grid Module
          2. DropShop
          3. MP3 Audio Player
          4. Members Only module
          5. NextGEN Gallery plugins
            1. Introducing NextGEN Gallery
              1. Setting up and configuring NextGEN Gallery
            2. Introducing NextGEN Gallery Buy Now Buttons
              1. Setting up and configuring NextGEN Gallery Buy Now Buttons
        3. Adding products to your store
          1. Manually adding products
          2. Importing products
        4. Customizing the appearance of your store
          1. Integrating WP e-Commerce into an existing theme
            1. Widgets
            2. Shortcodes and template tags
              1. Adding shortcodes
              2. Adding template tags
          2. Starting fresh with a WP e-Commerce-friendly theme
            1. Free themes
        5. Putting products on the homepage
        6. Making one or more purchases to test the system
        7. Summary
      9. 4. Project 4: Building a Local Classified Ads Website
        1. Introducing ClassiPress
        2. Configuring WordPress
          1. Enabling registrations
          2. Creating Categories
          3. Changing your site's permalink structure
          4. Disabling comments
        3. Important information before installing ClassiPress
        4. Setting up and configuring ClassiPress
          1. Settings
            1. Pricing
            2. Ad Packs
            3. Gateways
            4. Custom Fields
              1. Creating a localized Custom Field
            5. Form Layouts
              1. Creating a Sitewide Ad Submission Form
              2. Creating category-specific Ad Submission Forms
              3. Localizing the Ad Submission Form(s)
              4. Adding Custom Fields to your form(s)
            6. Transactions
        5. Placing an ad or two to test the system
        6. Activating and configuring the ClassiPress-provided plugins
          1. Introducing New User Email Setup
            1. Setting up and configuring New User Email Setup
          2. Introducing SexyBookmarks
            1. Setting up and configuring SexyBookmarks
          3. Introducing User Photo
            1. Setting up and configuring User Photo
          4. Introducing WP-Email
            1. Setting up and configuring WP-Email
          5. Introducing WP-Print
            1. Setting up and configuring WP-Print
        7. Implementing a private messaging system
        8. Dealing with deleted ads and 404 errors
        9. Summary
      10. 5. Project 5: Building a Consumer Review Website
        1. Introducing WP Review Site
        2. Installing WP Review Site
        3. Setting up and configuring WP Review Site
          1. General Settings
          2. Rating Categories
          3. Comparison Tables
          4. Google Maps
        4. Adding your first post
        5. Integrating WP Review Site into an existing theme
          1. Integrating WP Review Site automatically
          2. Integrating WP Review Site manually
            1. Displaying the average ratings
            2. Displaying a Visit This Site link
            3. Displaying user submitted ratings
              1. Adding user submitted ratings to a theme that uses the old WordPress commenting system
              2. Adding user submitted ratings to a theme that uses the WordPress 2.7+ commenting system
            4. Collecting ratings from visitors
            5. Displaying a comparison table
            6. Displaying positive and negative reviews
            7. Blending WP Review Site's functions into your theme's design
        6. Summary
      11. 6. Project 6: Building a Job Board Website
        1. Introducing JobPress
        2. Setting up and configuring JobPress
        3. Making the sidebar widget-ready
        4. Adding a job listing to test the system
        5. Replacing the JobPress logo with your own
        6. Running JobPress alongside an existing website
          1. Customizing the appearance of JobPress to match your main site
          2. Adding seamless navigation between your websites
        7. Summary
      12. 7. Project 7: Building a Microblogging Website
        1. Introducing P2
        2. Setting up and configuring P2
        3. Adding a login form to the sidebar
          1. Introducing Sidebar Login
          2. Setting up and configuring Sidebar Login
            1. Implementing the Sidebar Login box
          3. Enabling registrations
        4. Listing members with a follow-like feature
          1. Publishing the Members' page
        5. Making your microblog private
          1. Introducing Absolute Privacy
            1. Setting up and configuring Absolute Privacy
            2. Methods for moderating users
              1. Moderating users in bulk
              2. Moderating users one at a time
          2. Preventing your microblog from being indexed
        6. Following a particular conversation
          1. Introducing WP Favorite Posts
            1. Setting up and configuring WP Favorite Posts
            2. Implementing the functionality of the WP Favorite Posts plugin
        7. Changing the Discussion Settings
          1. Disabling comment notifications
          2. Removing commenting restrictions
        8. Summary
      13. 8. Project 8: Building a Local Business Directory
        1. Introducing Register Plus
          1. Setting up and configuring Register Plus
          2. Inspecting the changes made to the login and registration pages
        2. Allowing members to include a profile photo
          1. Introducing User Photo
            1. Setting up and configuring User Photo
        3. Adding the company name to the title bar
        4. Building a customized profile page
        5. Special considerations when configuring WordPress for use with this project
          1. Allowing registrations
          2. Improving the author permalink structure
        6. Switching to a static home page
          1. Creating a template for the static home page
          2. Publishing the static home page
        7. Preventing duplicate links in the navigation menu
          1. Introducing Exclude Pages
          2. Setting up and configuring Exclude Pages
        8. Removing author from the permalink
          1. Introducing WP htaccess Control
            1. Setting up and configuring WP htaccess Control
        9. Creating a profile and adding a photo
        10. Displaying your members list
          1. Introducing Members List
            1. Setting up and configuring Members List
              1. Settings
              2. Configure Mark-Up
              3. Edit Members
          2. Building the members' page
            1. Publishing the members' page
        11. Editing the search and sort options
        12. Correcting the Members List compatibility issue
        13. Summary
      14. 9. Project 9: Building a Membership Website
        1. Introducing WishList Member
        2. Activating WishList Member
        3. Publishing event-specific pages
          1. Non-Members page
          2. Wrong Membership Level page
          3. Membership Canceled Page
          4. After Registration page
          5. Custom Unsubscribe Confirmation page
        4. Setting up and configuring WishList Member
          1. Membership Levels
          2. Settings
            1. Configuration
            2. Email Settings
            3. Registration Page
            4. Advanced
          3. Members
            1. Manage Members
              1. Adding a new member from the WishList Member admin area
            2. Import
          4. Export
            1. Email Broadcast
            2. Blacklist
          5. Sequential Upgrade
          6. Integration
            1. Shopping Cart
              1. Making a test purchase
          7. Autoresponder
              1. Integrating AWeber
              2. Integrating AutoResponsePlus
        5. Disabling comments
        6. Providing access to your site
        7. Adding and managing content
          1. Adding content
            1. Private tag protection
          2. Managing content
            1. Content Protection
            2. Membership Level protection
        8. Moving Membership Levels
          1. Moving members to another membership level
          2. Adding members to another membership level
        9. Summary
      15. A. Plugins Suited to Several Projects
        1. Introducing Akismet
          1. Setting up and configuring Akismet
            1. Retrieving a previously-created API Key
            2. Creating a new API Key
            3. Configuring Akismet
          2. Project suitability
        2. Introducing WP-DB-Backup
          1. Setting up and configuring WP-DB-Backup
          2. Project suitability
        3. Introducing WP-reCAPTCHA
          1. Setting up and configuring WP-reCAPTCHA
          2. Creating new API keys
            1. Configuring the remaining reCAPTCHA settings
          3. Project suitability
        4. Introducing Maintenance Mode
          1. Setting up and configuring Maintenance Mode
          2. Revisiting the Maintenance Mode settings screen
          3. Project suitability
        5. Introducing WP Hide Dashboard
          1. Project suitability
        6. Summary
      16. B. Installing Themes and Plugins
        1. Adding new WordPress themes
          1. Installing a theme from the Free Themes Directory
          2. Uploading and installing a theme
        2. Adding additional plugins
          1. Installing a plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory
          2. Uploading and installing a plugin
        3. Summary