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WordPress 4.0 Site Blueprints - Second Edition

Book Description

Create a variety of exciting sites for e-commerce, networking, video streaming, and more, using WordPress

About This Book

  • Build ten different types of website using WordPress
  • Transfer your static site to WordPress and create sites to make money, build communities, and share your ideas
  • The projects in the book will teach you how to use free themes and plugins without any prior coding experience

Who This Book Is For

WordPress Site Blueprints is suitable for new or experienced WordPress users. You don't need to be a PHP developer or have ever created a WordPress theme or plugin. Instead the book will help you use themes and plugins (all free) to create a wide range of sites. Familiarity with the WordPress interface will help you but you don't need to be able to write code.

What You Will Learn

  • Migrate your old static site into WordPress
  • Create a network of sites for other people to work with each other
  • Build a great store using the free WooCommerce plugin
  • Create a video streaming site linked to YouTube
  • Create a review site for products, services, or anything you'd like
  • Create a jobs board so people can post jobs and apply for them
  • Create websites that focus on networking such as a social media site, a communications center for your team, and a membership site to build a community
  • Create a beautiful gallery site to showcase your photography

In Detail

WordPress is the world's most popular Content Management System (CMS) and you can use it to create any kind of site you or your clients need. Using free plugins and themes for WordPress, you can create a store, a social media site, a review site, a video site, a network of sites or a community site, and more. Wordpress makes your job of creating your own website simple and hassle-free!

If you've started using WordPress to create a blog or simple website, you'll have had a taste of the opportunities offered by this massively popular CMS.

This book will take you through the process of creating ten popular kinds of site using WordPress with free plugins and themes, each chapter covering various functionality of the web. After having learned how to migrate from your static site to Wordpress in the first chapter, you will then explore the world of social networking websites followed focusing on e-commerce. Without writing too much code, you'll be able to create a store, a video streaming site, a team communications site, a jobs board, and more.

This book is a one-stop solution to resolve all your worries about creating a website that will give the best experience to your users.

Style and approach

A project-based step-by-step guide to creating ten different types of popular website using WordPress. This book takes you through clear and logical steps, with screenshots and tips along the way to help you follow the guide and learn how to get more from WordPress.

Table of Contents

  1. WordPress 4.0 Site Blueprints Second Edition
    1. Table of Contents
    2. WordPress 4.0 Site Blueprints Second Edition
    3. Credits
    4. About the Author
    5. About the Reviewers
    6. www.PacktPub.com
      1. Support files, eBooks, discount offers, and more
        1. Why subscribe?
        2. Free access for Packt account holders
    7. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. What you need for this book
      3. Who this book is for
      4. Conventions
      5. Reader feedback
      6. Customer support
        1. Downloading the color images of this book
        2. Errata
        3. Piracy
        4. Questions
    8. 1. Migrating a Static Site to WordPress
      1. WordPress versus static sites – the differences
      2. Understanding how WordPress stores content
        1. WordPress files
        2. Theme and plugin files and uploads
        3. Database
      3. Installing WordPress
        1. Installing WordPress using an installer
        2. Installing WordPress manually
          1. Downloading the WordPress files
          2. Creating a database on your server using phpMyAdmin
          3. Uploading WordPress to your server
          4. Activating the WordPress installation script
          5. The WordPress Dashboard and administration screens
        3. Keeping your old site live while setting WordPress up
      4. Installing a theme
        1. Introducing the WordPress theme repository
        2. Choosing a theme
        3. Customizing your theme using the theme customizer
        4. Customizing your theme via the Themes options screens
          1. Customizing colors
          2. Customizing fonts
      5. Adjusting your site's settings
      6. Adding content to your site
        1. Types of content in WordPress
        2. Importing content with the importer tool
        3. Importing content manually
          1. Copying text from your old site
          2. Copying code from your old site
        4. Creating new pages and posts
        5. Uploading images and media
          1. Adding images to your posts and pages
          2. Adding PDF files to your posts and pages
      7. Setting up navigation menus and widgets
        1. Creating the main navigation menu
        2. Adding widgets
      8. Installing plugins
      9. Making your WordPress site live
      10. Summary
    9. 2. Creating a Social Media Site
      1. Introducing BuddyPress
        1. Uses of BuddyPress
        2. BuddyPress components
      2. Designing your social media site
      3. Installing BuddyPress
      4. Configuring the BuddyPress settings
        1. Activating components
        2. Configuring pages
          1. Adding BuddyPress pages to your navigation menu
          2. Configuring home page settings
        3. General settings
      5. Installing a theme
        1. Choosing a theme designed for BuddyPress
          1. Assigning our menu as the theme's primary menu
          2. Customizing the theme
        2. Using BuddyPress with an existing theme
      6. Adding widgets
        1. Widgets provided by BuddyPress
        2. Adding widgets to the site
          1. Adding a site-wide notice
      7. Testing your site
        1. Adding test data
        2. Testing the BuddyPress pages
        3. Removing the test data
      8. Managing your BuddyPress site
      9. Summary
    10. 3. Creating a Network of Sites
      1. Introducing WordPress Multisite
        1. Uses for Multisite
      2. Installing Multisite
        1. Multisite structure – subdomain or subdirectory
        2. Activating Multisite
      3. Managing your network
        1. Configuring network settings
        2. Creating sites
        3. Installing themes
        4. Installing plugins
      4. Allowing signups
        1. Preventing splogs
        2. Adding payment for registration
          1. Installing and activating the paid memberships pro plugins
          2. Configuring Memberships
          3. Creating a PayPal account
          4. Configuring PayPal on your site
          5. Creating pages for membership and registration
      5. Managing your network
        1. Managing sites
          1. The Info screen
          2. The Users screen
          3. The Themes screen
          4. The Settings screen
        2. Keeping your network up to date
        3. Managing users
      6. Summary
    11. 4. Creating an E-commerce Site
      1. Planning your e-commerce site
        1. Planning product and department structure
        2. Planning payment methods
        3. Planning shipping rates
      2. Making your store secure with SSL
        1. Buying an SSL certificate
        2. Adding SSL to your WordPress installation
      3. Installing WooCommerce and the Storefront theme
        1. Installing WooCommerce
        2. Installing the Storefront theme
        3. Customizing the Storefront theme
        4. Adding store pages to your site's navigation
        5. Adding widgets to the store theme
      4. Configuring WooCommerce settings
        1. Configuring the general settings
        2. Configuring the product settings
        3. Configuring the tax settings
        4. Configuring the checkout settings
        5. Configuring the shipping settings
        6. Configuring the account settings
        7. Configuring the e-mail settings
      5. Adding products to your store
        1. Adding physical products
        2. Adding virtual products
        3. Adding downloadable products
        4. Updating the navigation
      6. Managing your store
        1. Managing orders
      7. Summary
    12. 5. Creating a Video Streaming Site
      1. Planning your video streaming site
        1. Streaming from YouTube or uploading videos directly?
        2. Understanding copyright considerations
      2. Creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos
        1. Creating your YouTube channel
        2. Uploading videos
      3. Installing and configuring the YouTube plugin
        1. Installing the Automatic YouTube Video Posts plugin
        2. Configuring the plugin settings
        3. Adding a YouTube channel or playlist
          1. Creating a category for a playlist
          2. Adding your channel or playlist to the plugin
      4. Installing and configuring a suitable theme
        1. Installing the theme
        2. Creating a navigation menu
        3. Adding a text widget to the sidebar
      5. Managing and updating your videos
      6. Summary
    13. 6. Creating a Review Site
      1. Planning your review site
      2. Creating the site and installing a theme
      3. Installing the WP Customer Reviews plugin
        1. Configuring the plugin's settings
        2. Configuring the discussion settings
        3. Viewing reviews
      4. Creating posts for our review site
        1. Creating the posts
        2. Enabling reviews for posts
        3. Submitting reviews
      5. Moderating and publishing reviews
      6. Adding maps to our review site
        1. Installing the CP Google Maps plugin
        2. Configuring the CP Google Maps plugin
        3. Adding maps to posts
      7. Tidying up the site – adding widgets
      8. Summary
    14. 7. Creating a Jobs Board
      1. Planning your jobs board
      2. Installing and configuring the WP Job Manager plugin
        1. Installing the WP Job Manager plugin
        2. Configuring the WP Job Manager plugin
          1. Adding pages
          2. Configuring Job Listings
          3. Configuring Job Submission
          4. Configuring pages
          5. Creating Job Categories
          6. Defining the front page
      3. Installing and configuring a theme
        1. Installing the Vantage theme
        2. Configuring Theme Settings
        3. Creating a menu
        4. Configuring widgets
      4. Adding Job Listings
        1. Adding a job via the admin screens
        2. Adding a job via the website
        3. Moderating and approving Job Listings
      5. Managing Job Listings
        1. Marking jobs as filled
        2. Editing jobs
      6. Searching and applying for jobs
      7. Managing users
      8. Summary
    15. 8. Creating a Team Communications Site
      1. Installing and configuring the P2 theme
        1. Installing the theme
        2. Configuring the P2 options
        3. Adding widgets
      2. Adding users to your site
        1. Adding users
        2. Listing users in the sidebar
      3. Configuring privacy and discussions
        1. Hiding the site from search engines
        2. Configuring Discussion Settings
        3. Notifying post authors of comments
        4. Limiting access to your site
      4. Adding posts and comments to the site
      5. Summary
    16. 9. Creating a Gallery Site
      1. Installing a theme
      2. Installing the NextGEN Gallery plugin
      3. Adding galleries
      4. Creating posts to display galleries
        1. Adding a gallery to a post
        2. Adding a featured image from your gallery
      5. Editing images
        1. Rotating images
        2. Cropping thumbnails
      6. Creating an album
        1. Creating the album using the NextGEN Gallery plugin
        2. Displaying an album in a page
      7. Adding a menu and widgets
        1. Adding a menu
        2. Adding widgets
      8. Summary
    17. 10. Creating a Membership Site
      1. Designing and planning your membership site
      2. Installing the Paid Memberships Pro plugin
      3. Configuring membership settings
        1. Setting up membership levels
        2. Creating pages for membership management
        3. Configuring Payment Settings
        4. Configuring Email Settings
        5. Configuring Advanced Settings
        6. Configuring Reading Settings
      4. Adding a menu and widgets to the site
        1. Creating a navigation menu
        2. Adding widgets
      5. Adding content to your site
        1. Assigning membership levels to posts
      6. Registering and accessing content
        1. The registration screen
        2. Logging in to the site
      7. Summary
    18. Index