WordPress 5 Theme Development Academy with Bootstrap v4

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WordPress is one of the most popular technologies in the web development domain, but not many people are using it to its full potential. Although there are different pre-built themes available in the market, nothing works better than a custom experience.

This course will equip you with the skills you need to build a fully custom responsive WordPress theme, completely from scratch. You’ll no longer need to search for other themes and try to modify them to suit your project as this course will help you build almost any type of WordPress website.

You’ll begin by building a static version of the ’Tranquil Spa’ project using the popular Bootstrap 4 framework. You’ll also get up to speed with Bootstrap, exploring responsive design, layout, and the grid system, classes, and utilities creating forms, navbars, adding icons using Font Awesome 5 and much more

Once you have the project looking exactly how you want it, you’ll then move on to converting it to WordPress. You will not only perform a basic theme conversion but also cover some of the more challenging concepts and try to make your theme fully customizable by the end-user too.

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained the skills you need to build a WordPress website for your business, family, clients or even for your personal use.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the Bootstrap 4 syntax and work with components, the grid system, and utilities
  • Understand the full conversion process including files and folders, and how to structure your theme
  • Get up to speed with widgets, forms, advanced custom fields and menus
  • Learn how to enqueue scripts and styles
  • Work with the WordPress loop, pages, comments and templates
  • Get to grips with translating your theme and understand how to make your themes text translation-ready


This course is for anyone looking to build custom WordPress themes from scratch for their business, personal project, clients, or for sale in marketplaces. Those who find it challenging to make pre-built themes to fit their requirements will also find this course helpful. Some familiarity with coding and PHP is required.

About The Author

Chris Dixon: Chris Dixon is a self-employed web developer teaching others through training courses. Chris offers freelance web development and training workshops on various topics, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, NUXT.js, WordPress (custom theme development), Mongo/Mongoose, PostgreSQL, Express, Firebase, and Supabase. Chris is also involved in building Shopify ecommerce solutions, including custom apps and theme development. Chris has vast experience in GraphQL, Keystone CMS, and many other front-end/full-stack skills. He is additionally a regular Shopify user in creating and managing online stores and editing/creating custom liquid templates.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Welcome and let's get started!
    1. Introduction
    2. What is a WordPress theme?
  2. Chapter 2 : Creating our Bootstrap 4 template- Home page
    1. Setting up Bootstrap 4
    2. Adding custom Google fonts
    3. Header navigation
    4. Featured image section
    5. Welcome section
    6. Latest offers section- HTML
    7. Latest offers section- CSS
    8. About us section
    9. Price list section
    10. The footer and adding Fontawesome 5
  3. Chapter 3 : Creating our Bootstrap 4 template- Additional pages
    1. Blog posts and pagination
    2. Blog page sidebar
    3. Contact us page
  4. Chapter 4 : Setting up WordPress
    1. Installing WordPress using Flywheel
    2. Optional: Installing WordPress using MAMP
  5. Chapter 5 : WordPress theme conversion- first steps
    1. Our WordPress Theme Folder
    2. Getting started our index page
    3. Making the header and footer dynamic
    4. How to enqueue stylesheets and scripts
    5. Header navigation menu
    6. Image file paths
    7. Template hierarchy and the Front Page
  6. Chapter 6 : WordPress blog section and the loop
    1. Creating the loop
    2. Dynamic blog posts
    3. The permalink
    4. Pagination
    5. Filter hooks
    6. Re-introducing the sidebar
    7. Making the sidebar dynamic
  7. Chapter 7 : Conditional rendering the single page template
    1. WordPress conditional tags
    2. The Single.php template
    3. Pagination
  8. Chapter 8 : Working with blog comments
    1. The comment form
    2. Displaying comments
    3. Comment reply Javascript
    4. Closing comments
    5. Comments pagination
  9. Chapter 9 : Additional pages, widgets and custom search forms
    1. The archives
    2. The contact us page
    3. Sidebar widgets
    4. Custom search forms
    5. Search.php
    6. Adding a 404 page and widgets
  10. Chapter 10 : Finishing touches user customization
    1. Template parts
    2. Featured images using post thumbnails
    3. Footer menu and custom class filters
    4. Advanced custom fields
    5. Custom headers
    6. The post classes
    7. Setting up Contact Form 7
    8. Styling our contact form
    9. Including Google fonts
  11. Chapter 11 : Translating our themes language
    1. Preparing our code for translation
    2. Translating our theme
  12. Chapter 12 : Thank You
    1. Thank you

Product information

  • Title: WordPress 5 Theme Development Academy with Bootstrap v4
  • Author(s): Chris Dixon
  • Release date: November 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781839217203