Contents at a Glance


Book I: WordPress Basics

Chapter 1: Exploring Basic WordPress Concepts

Chapter 2: Exploring the World of Open Source Software

Chapter 3: Understanding Development and Release Cycles

Chapter 4: Introducing the WordPress Community

Chapter 5: Discovering Different Versions of WordPress

Book II: Setting Up the WordPress Software

Chapter 1: Understanding the System Requirements

Chapter 2: Using File Transfer Protocol

Chapter 3: Introducing PHP and MySQL

Chapter 4: Installing WordPress on Your Web Server

Chapter 5: Configurations for Optimum Performance and Security

Chapter 6: Upgrading WordPress

Chapter 7: Backing Up, Packing Up, and Moving to a New Host

Book III: Exploring the WordPress Dashboard

Chapter 1: Logging In and Taking a Look Around

Chapter 2: Customizing Your Dashboard

Chapter 3: Exploring Tools and Settings

Chapter 4: Managing Users and Multiple Authors

Chapter 5: Dealing with Comments and Spam

Chapter 6: Building Link Lists

Chapter 7: Creating Categories and Tags

Book IV: Publishing Your Site with WordPress

Chapter 1: Writing Your First Post

Chapter 2: Examining the Difference between Posts and Pages

Chapter 3: Uploading and Displaying Photos and Galleries

Chapter 4: Exploring Podcasting and Video Blogging

Chapter 5: Working with Custom Fields

Chapter 6: Using WordPress as a Content Management System

Book V: Examining SEO and Social Media

Chapter 1: Exposing Your Content

Chapter 2: Creating a Social-Media Listening Hub

Chapter 3: Understanding ...

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