Examining Other Template Files

To make your Web site work properly, WordPress uses all the theme files together. Some, such as the header and footer, are used on every page. Others, such as the comments template (comments.php), are used only at specific times, to pull in specific functions.

When someone visits your site, WordPress uses a series of queries to determine which templates to use.

Many more theme templates can be included in your theme. Here are some of the other template files you might want to use:

  • Comments template ( comments.php ): The Comments template is required if you plan to host comments on your blog; it provides all the template tags you need to display those comments. The template tag used to call the comments into the template is <?php comments_template(); ?>.
  • Single Post template ( single.php ): When your visitors click the title or permalink of a post you published to your blog, they're taken to that post's individual page. There, they can read the entire post, and if you have comments enabled, they see the comments form and can leave comments.
  • Page template ( page.php ): You can use a Page template for static pages in your WordPress site.
  • Search Results ( search.php ): You can use this template to create a custom display of search results on your blog. When someone uses the search feature to search your site for specific keywords, this template formats the return of those results.
  • 404 template ( 404.php ): Use this template to create a custom 404 page, ...

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