Chapter 7: Backing Up, Packing Up, and Moving to a New Host

In This Chapter

arrow.png Moving to WordPress from a different platform

arrow.png Handling the database backup management

arrow.png Backing up plugins and themes

arrow.png Storing images and media files

arrow.png Exporting data from WordPress

arrow.png Using plugins to make backups and moving easier

As a WordPress website owner, you may need to move your site to a different home on the web; either to a new web host or into a different account on your current hosting account. Or maybe you’re an owner who needs to move your site right now.

This chapter covers the best way to migrate a blog that exists within a different blogging platform (such as Movable Type or TypePad) to WordPress. This chapter also takes you through how to back up your WordPress files, data, and content and move them to a new hosting provider or a different domain.

Migrating Your Existing Blog to WordPress

So you ...

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