Chapter 5: Exploring Popular SEO Plugins

In This Chapter

arrow.png Using plugins for SEO best practices

arrow.png Breaking down your SEO configuration options

arrow.png Generating sitemaps

arrow.png Using redirect plugins

arrow.png Adding breadcrumbs and pagination

When you have the concepts of SEO down and the beginnings of your strategy properly mapped out, you can then install the tools you need. In this chapter, I go through some of the most popular SEO-related plugins. All these plugins have a good developer behind them and a good track record.

Several plugins in the WordPress plugin directory assist with SEO, so it’s hard to decide which ones to use. In Book VII, I cover plugins in detail, but in this chapter I provide you with the plugins that are the most common, as well as the ones that I use myself, because they are some of the more solid and reliable plugins available that bring good SEO results.

Exploring Must-Use Plugins for SEO Best Practices

Here are the plugins that this chapter covers:

All in One SEO Pack: Gives ...

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