Chapter 3: Exploring the Anatomy of a Theme

In This Chapter

arrow.png Examining the theme’s stylesheet

arrow.png Exploring template tags

arrow.png Making widget areas

arrow.png Understanding the main template files

This chapter breaks down the parts that make up your WordPress theme. Understanding your theme allows you greater flexibility when you customize it. Many of the problems people encounter with themes, such as not knowing which files edit certain functions of a site, comes from lack of understanding all the pieces.

There are those who like to get their hands dirty (present company included!). If you’re one of them, you need to read this chapter. WordPress users who create their own themes do so in the interest of

check Individuality: Having a theme that no one else has. (If you use one of the free themes, you can pretty much count on the fact that at least a dozen other WordPress blogs have the same look as yours.)


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