Chapter 6: Using Multiple Domains within Your Network

In This Chapter

arrow.png Discovering domain mapping

arrow.png Understanding how to map domains

arrow.png Advanced usage

With a network of multiple sites easily available in WordPress, many people have expressed the desire to run multiple sites on their own separate domain names through one install. Prior to the network feature being added to the WordPress software, you could run only one site per installation of the software. Now, it is possible to run several sites under one installation of WordPress by activating the network feature, which I discussed in Chapters 4 and 5 of this minibook.

In this chapter, I discuss using multiple domains and a feature called domain mapping, which enables you to run not only multiple sites, but also multiple sites with their own, unique domain name that is not tied to the main site installation domain.

To tackle this chapter, you need an understanding of domains (Book II, Chapter 1) and domain nameserver (DNS) records.

Finding Your Way with Domain Mapping

Domain mapping means telling your web server which domains you want WordPress to answer to, and which site you want shown to the visitor when they request that domain. ...

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