Chapter 3

Understanding Analytics


Check Understanding what analytics can tell you about your site

Check Choosing an analytics-tracking option

Check Deciphering analytics terminology

Check Working with Google Analytics

Every business on the face of the Earth needs to figure out what works and what doesn’t if it wants to succeed. Site owners often know basic statistics about their sites, such as the current number on their hit counters or how many people visit their site daily or weekly. These stats may give you the big picture, but they don’t really address why something is or isn’t working.

You need to get at least a basic understanding of analytics if you want to make the most of your site. The data provided by free programs such as Google Analytics can really help you grow as a content publisher. In this chapter, you discover how to incorporate various data-measuring tools into your WordPress installation, decipher what the data is telling you, and determine how to act on it.

Google Analytics provides you a tremendous amount of information about your content. The goal of this chapter ...

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