Chapter 4

Dealing with Comments and Spam


Bullet Making the decision to allow comments

Bullet Using comments to interact with readers

Bullet Understanding trackbacks

Bullet Working with comments and trackbacks

Bullet Using Akismet to help combat spam

One exciting aspect of publishing with WordPress is getting feedback from your readers on posts you publish to your site. Feedback, also known as comments, is akin to having a guestbook on your site.

People leave comments for you that are published to your site, and through these comments, you can respond to and engage your readers in conversation about the topic. Having this function on your site allows you to expand the thoughts and ideas you present in your posts by giving readers the opportunity to add their two cents’ worth.

In this chapter, you can decide whether to allow comments on your site, figure out how to manage those comments, use trackbacks, and find out how to deal with the negative aspects of allowing comments (such as spam).

Deciding ...

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