WordPress E-commerce: Build Two Stores and a Membership Site

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According to an article on Forbes magazine, e-commerce sales are expected to surpass the trillion-dollar mark by 2020. As more people are embracing e-commerce, an increasing number of businesses have taken to selling their services and products online. If you’re looking to sell your products online via an e-commerce store and want to learn how to create such a store, then this course is for you.

This online e-commerce course is designed to teach you how to build your own online store or membership site so you can charge clients and customers for products or content.

You’ll delve into important aspects of E-commerce such as payment processing and refunds. As you progress, the course will show you how to install and set up different payment systems in your store such as PayPal and Stripe payments. Later sections will delve into 'sandbox' environments that will allow you to test the entire transaction process on your website without using actual money.

By the end of this course, you’ll be well-versed with WooCommerce and have the skills you need to build efficient e-commerce stores and membership sites.

What You Will Learn

  • Get to grips with the WooCommerce plugin to build an e-commerce store that sells physical products
  • Understand how to integrate payment systems including PayPal and Stripe into your website
  • Get up to speed with building your very own membership site
  • Create membership and subscription options for your membership site
  • Become well-versed with the Digital Downloads plugin to build an e-commerce store that sells digital products


This course is for business owners who want to create e-commerce stores, students who want to learn about WooCommerce, or anyone who wants to understand how to build membership sites.

About The Author

Alexander Oni: Alexander Oni is a bestselling instructor, with 70,000 students enrolled in his courses. His passion includes teaching through online courses in an entertaining way. Alex has been teaching online for more than five years and has created over 25 courses with numerous students registered worldwide.

Alex believes we all have one shot at life and should live life to the fullest, constantly stepping out of our comfort zone, visiting places, and trying new things. His online success has given him financial freedom and the ability to travel and settle anywhere. The author is currently avidly traveling, spending a month in every city, and moving to the next. His hobbies include watching movies, sports, and chess.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to WooCommerce
    1. Course Introduction
    2. The WooCommerce Store We Shall Build Together
    3. Section Preview
    4. Setting up WooCommerce
    5. Creating Shipping Zones
    6. Creating WooCommerce Shipping Classes - Part One
    7. Creating WooCommerce Shipping Classes - Part Two
    8. Download Images
    9. Creating a Simple Product
    10. Creating a Variable Product
    11. Creating a Grouped Product
    12. Up-Sells and Cross-Sells
    13. Creating an Affiliate Product
    14. Product Settings
    15. Setting up Payment Gateways
    16. Important Notice
    17. Creating PayPal Sandbox Test Accounts
    18. Testing Payments with PayPal
    19. Setting up Stripe
    20. Managing Accounts and Order Flow
    21. Accounts and Privacy Settings
    22. Working with Coupons
    23. WooCommerce Analytics
  2. Chapter 2 : WooCommerce Design
    1. Choosing our Theme
    2. Customizing the Ocean WP Theme
    3. Creating the Footer
    4. Creating the Home Page - Part One
    5. Creating the Home Page - Part Two
    6. Creating the Home Page - Part Three
    7. Creating the Home Page - Part Four
    8. Creating the Clothing for Men Page
    9. Customizing the WooCommerce Pages
    10. Responsive Design
    11. Final Thoughts on Design
  3. Chapter 3 : WooCommerce Functionality
    1. Managing Refunds
    2. Adding Product Sharing
    3. Adding Order Delivery Dates
    4. Adding Notification Bars
    5. Adding Order Tracking
    6. Ocean WP Premium Extensions
    7. Adding Customer Wishlists
  4. Chapter 4 : WooCommerce SEO
    1. Section Preview
    2. Working with Rank Math
    3. Adding Product Videos
    4. Adding ALT Text to Images
    5. Image Optimization with Optimole
  5. Chapter 5 : Building a Virtual Store
    1. Introduction - What We Shall be Building
    2. Site Preview
    3. The Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Plugin
    4. EDD Overview
    5. EDD General Settings
    6. EDD Email, Styles Settings
    7. EDD Tax Settings
    8. EDD Misc Settings
  6. Chapter 6 : Creating and Managing Downloads with EDD
    1. Creating a Simple Digital Product
    2. Creating a Variable Digital Product
    3. Creating a Bundle of Digital Products
    4. The Checkout Process
    5. Setting up the Downloads and Category Pages
    6. Customizing the Downloads Page
  7. Chapter 7 : Payment Gateways and Account Settings
    1. The PayPal Payment Gateway
    2. The Test Payment Gateway
    3. The Buy Now Button
    4. Customer Accounts in EDD
    5. Setting up the Login and Registration Pages
    6. Setting up the Edit Profile Page
    7. Setting up the Logout Page
  8. Chapter 8 : Designing and Extending our Online Store
    1. The Vendd Theme
    2. Customizing the Menu
    3. Hiding the Admin Bar
    4. Setting up our Pages
    5. Setting up the Homepage
    6. Designing our Main Menu
    7. EDD Extensions
    8. Conclusion
  9. Chapter 9 : Build a Membership Site
    1. Site Preview
    2. Installing our Plugins
    3. Creating our Member Role
    4. Setting up Registration Details
    5. Hiding the Admin Bar
    6. Creating the Registration, Login and Edit Profile Pages
    7. Managing the Registration Form Fields
    8. Adding the Email Confirmation Field
    9. Creating Dummy Content
    10. Creating Members Only Content
    11. Choosing our Theme
    12. Theme Setup
    13. Creating our Custom Menu
    14. Adding the Logout Link
    15. Modifying the Content Restriction Message
    16. Testing out the Membership Site
    17. Premium Membership Site Preview
    18. The Paid Members Subscription Plan Plugin
    19. Creating the Subscription Plans
    20. Creating the Thank You Page
    21. Editing Messages and Payment System Settings
    22. How to Create PayPal Sandbox Accounts
    23. Testing Payments
    24. Fixing Bugs
    25. Restricting Premium Content
    26. Update
    27. Pro Addons - Part One
    28. Pro Addons - Part Two
    29. Conclusion

Product information

  • Title: WordPress E-commerce: Build Two Stores and a Membership Site
  • Author(s): Alexander Oni
  • Release date: August 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800564794