WordPress for Advanced Users LiveLessons

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Almost 3 Hours of Video Instruction

The advanced, hands-on video guide to WordPress.org: Create amazingly powerful, fully customized sites with your own WordPress instance!


These easy video tutorials take you far beyond the basics with WordPress, showing how to build cutting-edge sites that are uniquely yours!WordPress for Advanced Users LiveLessons walks you through setting up your own instance of WordPress.org, installing your own plugins, editing themes, and setting up entire networks of WordPress sites. Top WordPress expert John LeMasney takes you under the hood with WordPress, giving you the strong technical understanding you need to make themes, plugins, and methods work exactly the way you want. LeMasney demonstrates three leading approaches to installing WordPress.org, explaining when to use each. He shows how to migrate content from WordPress.com to WordPress.org; use child themes to customize look-and-feel while maintaining stability; integrate reliable, well-supported plugins, from JetPack to custom map and video solutions; transform WordPress into a social network with BuddyPress; add Google Calendar widgets, automatic publicity, stronger security, content restrictions, and even e-commerce. In just four hours, you learn how to build outstanding sites that unleash the full power of WordPress!

About the Instructor

John LeMasney is a designer, artist, writer, poet, technologist, consultant, open web advocate, and open source evangelist who helps people use technology to improve their lives, work, and world. For more than 20 years, he has consulted on technology, design, communication, and branding for academia, the enterprise, libraries, and consumers. He teaches at Rider University's Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program, as well as at Princeton Public Library, Princeton Adult School, Library Link NJ, and other venues. He was previously Manager of Educational Technology Training and Outreach at Princeton University. He created the WordPress for Beginners LiveLessons video tutorial.

Skill Level


What You Will Learn

Set up your own local WordPress.org instance in the way that’s best for you
Use child themes to control look and feel without compromising stability
Choose well-executed, well-supported plugins and refine their behavior
Build and centrally control whole networks of WordPress sites
Transform WordPress into a social network with BuddyPress
Overcome common issues with WordPress.org
Show upcoming Google Calendar events on your site
Use JetPack to automatically publicize all your new posts
Restrict content from public viewing and protect content from other users
Integrate simple e-commerce into your site

Who Should Take This Course

Anyone who wants to go beyond WordPress’s standard features and themes
Anyone seeking better ways to create, manage, secure, or upgrade WordPress sites
Any web or IT professional responsible for a local WordPress.org instance

Course Requirements

Basic experience with hosted WordPress.com or a local WordPress.org installation
General familiarity with WordPress concepts such as themes and plugins

Table of Contents


Lesson 1: Installing WordPress
Discover what you can do with your own local WordPress.org installation. Set up WordPress.org and its database support, and learn about two popular alternative methods for installation: CPanel quick install and local installation with LAMP. You also learn how to migrate content WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

Lesson 2: Using Themes to Style WordPress
Understand how the WordPress.org theming engine packages CSS and controls site look-and-feel. Learn to choose and install themes that match your site’s needs. Discover how to use and edit child themes to customize your site’s appearance while maintaining stability. This lesson also shows how to edit child themes and discover existing themes to serve your specific type of site.

Lesson 3: Installing and Using WordPress Plugins
Find and install well-executed, well-supported plugins you can trust. Learn to control important set-up options for plugins and how to update them to protect security and add features. Discover JetPack and other powerful, widely used plugins. Examine valuable plugins for adding maps, video, and other site features.

Lesson 4: Discovering WordPress’ Architecture
Use the networks option to manage many sites at once. Learn how to transform WordPress into a social network with BuddyPress. Discover how developers have transformed themes into powerful frameworks that make it even easier to customize and tweak the WordPress interface.

Lesson 5: Understanding Common Situations and Needs
Overcome common issues encountered by WordPress site developers. Learn how to add a calendar widget to show upcoming events from Google Calendar. Use JetPack to automatically publicize new posts. You also learn how to restrict content from public viewing, and protect content from other site users. Discover a popular solution for selling items on your WordPress site.


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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. WordPress for Advanced Users LiveLessons: Introduction 00:04:11
  2. Lesson 1: Installing WordPress
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:41
    2. 1.1 Perform a custom WordPress installation 00:05:55
    3. 1.2 Download WordPress from WordPress.org 00:03:59
    4. 1.3 Set up a database for WordPress 00:04:14
    5. 1.4 Install WordPress 00:06:26
    6. 1.5 Explore and import content with WordPress 00:06:14
  3. Lesson 2: Using Themes to Style WordPress
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:42
    2. 2.1 Find the best themes for your needs 00:08:44
    3. 2.2 Install themes in WordPress 00:05:04
    4. 2.3 Use child themes in WordPress 00:06:46
    5. 2.4 Make changes to themes 00:04:23
    6. 2.5 Understand exemplar themes 00:10:30
  4. Lesson 3: Installing and Using WordPress Plugins
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:32
    2. 3.1 Find great, well-maintained plugins 00:03:55
    3. 3.2 Understand how to install plugins successfully 00:03:57
    4. 3.3 Set up plugins 00:07:50
    5. 3.4 Discover some must-have plugins and their features 00:14:12
    6. 3.5 Learn about some exemplar plugins and their features 00:05:36
  5. Lesson 4: Discovering WordPress’ Architecture
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:36
    2. 4.1 Use WordPress’ network feature to develop a series of sites 00:15:14
    3. 4.2 Use BuddyPress to create social networks 00:11:50
    4. 4.3 Make WordPress into a forum using BBPress 00:11:58
  6. Lesson 5: Understanding Common Situations and Needs
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:45
    2. 5.1 Install a Google Calendar Widget 00:07:31
    3. 5.2 Learn how to automate social media postings when you publish on WordPress 00:05:38
    4. 5.3 Secure your WordPress content 00:08:33
    5. 5.4 Use WordPress as an e-commerce solution 00:11:15
  7. Summary
    1. WordPress for Advanced Users LiveLessons: Summary 00:01:01

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  • Title: WordPress for Advanced Users LiveLessons
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  • Release date: May 2015
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0134121171