Chapter 4. Writing and Managing Your Blog

In This Chapter

  • Writing your first post and making it look nice

  • Organizing and categorizing your blog

  • Inviting friends and establishing their permissions

  • Moderating discussions — even when you aren't logged in

  • Combating comment spam

  • Deciding what shows up on your front page

  • Protecting your blog's privacy

  • Initiating trusting relationships with OpenID

The first chapter in this part covers the signup process and a few important settings and options that you configure when you first log in to your new blog. Now it's time to make a blogger out of you. In this chapter, I show you the tools you need to write your first post. When you understand that process, the blogging world is right at your fingertips.

This chapter also shows you the basics of categorizing your posts and links, uploading images to your blog posts, setting discussion and reading options for your blog, using static pages, and managing your users and authors. I don't have the space in this chapter to cover every option available, but I hit the high points of what you need to know.

Ready? Set? Blog!

In the Administration panel, click the Add New link on the Posts menu to display the Add New Post page, where you write, organize, and publish your first post. Start by thinking up a name for your post and entering it in the Title text box, shown in Figure 4-1. You can make the name snappy and fun if you want, but don't be cryptic. Use titles that give your readers a basic idea of ...

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