Chapter 9. Media Management: Images, Audio, and Video

In This Chapter

  • Adding images and photo galleries to your blog posts

  • Adding videos to your blog posts

  • Uploading audio files

  • Exploring the WordPress Media Library

Adding images and photos to your posts can really dress up the content. By using images and photos, you give your content a dimension that you can't express in plain text. Through visual imagery, you can call attention to your post and add depth to it.

The same goes for adding video and audio files to your posts and blog. Video lets you provide entertainment through moving, talking (or singing!) streaming video. Audio files let you talk to your visitors and add a personal touch. Many bloggers use video and audio to report news and to broadcast Internet radio and television shows. The possibilities are endless!

In Chapter 8, I discuss the mechanics of composing and publishing a post to your blog. In this chapter, you discover how to add some special touches to your blog posts by adding images, video, and audio to your blog posts, and even find out how to run a full-fledged photo gallery on your site, all through the software and its integrated Media Library. This chapter is pertinent to the platform only.


If you're using the hosted version, check out Chapter 4 for information on adding images, video and audio to your blog.

You add these extras to your blog posts in the Add Media area of the Write Post page. You can add them as you're ...

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