Chapter 16. Ten Great Sites That Use WordPress as a CMS

In This Chapter

  • Seeing examples of how WordPress powers Web sites

  • Discovering sites that use WordPress for more than just blogging

A tremendous number of well-designed WordPress sites are floating around the Web. Picking only ten of them would be a near-impossible task for me. Sometimes, you can look at a Web site and not even know that it's a blog or a site built with blogging software. Because users can extend the WordPress software to function as so much more than just a blog, people refer to WordPress as a CMS (content management system), rather than merely a blogging platform. You can do much more with it than just blog; you can also build fully functional Web sites with it. In this chapter, I reveal ten sites that go beyond the blog.


Many Web sites using WordPress as a CMS have a blog as part of their content. However, just as many don't include a blog. These sites are using WordPress to power their small business, magazine, news, or e-commerce Web site with dynamic features such as:

  • Shopping cart

  • Event calendar

  • Links directories

  • Discussion forums

  • Multimedia galleries

  • Podcasts and/or Internet radio shows

  • User-submitted content

Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette, on first glance, looks like an online magazine of articles, resources, and information. Dig a little deeper, and you find that it's a Web site that is rich in multimedia offerings, such as videos and photography. All these additions provide ...

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