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Wordpress for Web Development

Video Description

Perhaps you want to start creating professional web sites. Maybe you want to start a small freelance business or take control of your own business web site. Maybe your a designer dipping a toe in to the digital world. Or, perhaps, you just want to learn to develop complete sites in Wordpress the right way.

Whatever your reason if you want to learn the in's and out's of Wordpress, this course is for you.

This isn't a course that teaches you how to type content in to existing Wordpress themes! This program is designed to give you full command of the Wordpress environment so you can make dynamic web sites that look anyway you want and are easy to update and maintain. You're diving DEEP into Wordpress discussing theme development, mobile ready sites, templates and much, much more.

You'll work with Wordpress expert Mark Hannon as you develop your Wordpress skill set. This course launches quickly as you jump right into developing your own, unique, Wordpress theme. (No more boring, poorly executed templates!)

This isn't a course where you'll simply watch Mark go through the procedures. You'll be invited to work along with Mark step-by-step to make sure you remember and can apply every concept demonstrated. Speaking of hands on learning, the course is loaded with lab exercises and examples to help you immediately apply the skills that you're learning.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Wordpress Design and Development
    1. Why you should take this course 00:01:40
    2. About your Instructor 00:01:59
    3. Welcome to the course 00:01:50
    4. Quick Introduction to Wordpress 00:03:30
    5. Developing on a local server 00:20:33
    6. A review of the Wordpress file structure 00:01:52
    7. Designing a Simple theme 00:37:59
    8. Making a header and footer dyanmic 00:12:35
    9. Working in wp-content fields 00:04:41
    10. You've created a simple theme 00:01:31
  2. Extending your theme
    1. Customizing your theme 00:01:51
    2. The Wordpress Loop 00:38:33
    3. The Wordpress Loop Part 2 00:10:22
    4. Understanding Wordpress page templates 1:06:41
    5. Creating Menus 00:10:26
    6. Sidebars and Widgets 00:49:52
    7. Create some custom page templates 00:23:18
    8. Create a Theme Thumbnail 00:25:37
    9. Make that theme yours 00:03:49
    10. Great job on a new theme 00:00:34
  3. Filling out the theme and planning for Errors
    1. Filling out your theme 00:01:13
    2. The 404 Page 00:32:34
    3. Using "wp_query()" To Create a Catagory Page 00:17:06
    4. Create a search form template 00:17:54
    5. Creating a basic custom post type 00:57:47
    6. Displaying custom post types 00:20:34
    7. Creating your own custom post type 00:06:14
    8. Wordpress is quite adaptable 00:00:39
  4. Customizing Your Page
    1. Backgrounds and Custom Features 00:00:59
    2. Backgrounds, header images and custom logo 00:56:04
    3. The Post Featured Image 00:19:15
    4. Using the Customizer 00:15:56
    5. Organize your CSS 00:28:49
    6. Using the Custom Field to Change a Template Component 00:24:30
    7. Custom Fields 00:05:45
    8. More control makes life easer 00:00:53
  5. Making Websites Mobile Friendly
    1. An introduction to media queries 00:01:03
    2. The Viewport Tag 00:20:06
    3. Why is "responsive" important 00:04:22
    4. Install Bootstrap 00:15:39
    5. Rows and columns 00:34:20
    6. Headlines and Typography 00:20:53
    7. Applying Styles to your Website 00:07:39
    8. What you just learned will help you with child themes 00:00:57
  6. A chip off the old block: Child Themes
    1. Easier and smarter ways to create Wordpress themes 00:01:24
    2. Choosing the right parent theme 00:04:46
    3. Child Theme: Roll your own or use Pre-built 00:02:21
    4. The Bare Necessities of A Child Theme 00:05:09
    5. Pulling in the Parents Framework 00:10:57
    6. Make the Child theme your own 00:19:15
    7. Create your own CSS rules 00:08:54
    8. You Can Customize with CSS But we Want more 00:00:39
  7. Training The Theme to do your WIll
    1. Creating custom templates 00:01:24
    2. How is the Parent Theme Organized? 00:08:30
    3. Choosing the Template files we will need 00:05:57
    4. Customize the Header and Footer 00:36:28
    5. Page.php Template 00:28:15
    6. Page.php Template part 2 00:33:13
    7. Index and single templates 00:21:17
    8. Create your Own Page Templates 00:03:23
    9. Child Theme Flexibility 00:00:52
  8. A Child Theme starts to grow up
    1. Growing your Child theme 00:01:04
    2. Creating a Widget Page 00:35:30
    3. Get Comfortable with the Developer Tools 00:08:20
    4. Identify ID and Classes 00:03:32
    5. Where do your Styles go 00:13:13
    6. Change Styles without break the site 00:02:34
    7. Differentiating your Child Theme 00:02:57
    8. Create a whole new Wordpress site in half the time 00:00:58
  9. Styling Images in Wordpress
    1. Add some style 00:01:16
    2. Creating Custom Image Sizes 00:21:08
    3. Force Quality of WordPress Images 00:02:45
    4. Image Links 00:11:30
    5. Styling Featured Images 00:09:10
    6. Replace Color Swatches 00:15:18
    7. Make a custom image size for your featured image 00:02:36
    8. No Need to Accept the Status Quo 00:01:23
  10. Pushing Wordpess Online
    1. Getting your Wordpress site live 00:01:16
    2. Add your own sidebars 00:10:35
    3. Multiple Post Pages 00:15:26
    4. Categories and Tags on Pages 00:05:41
    5. Change the Copyright Line 00:09:09
    6. Preparing to move Wordpress to a live server 00:08:18
    7. Ready to go live 00:11:28
    8. Two Ways to Build Wordpress Sites 00:01:05