WordPress® on Demand

Book description

WordPress on Demand will cover both WordPress.com and WordPress.org in a visual, step-by-step format. In addition to offering detailed guidance on how to complete dozens of common WordPress tasks, this book will provide real-world advice and suggestions on how to save time, avoid frustration, and create a high-quality, well-designed site that attracts an audience and achieves results. WordPress on Demand will be based on WordPress version 3.5.1.

In this book, readers will learn how to:

• Decide between hosted WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org)
• Choose the right domain name and web host
• Set up a WordPress website in minutes
• Configure WordPress settings that control privacy, search engine visibility, and more
• Choose, install, and customize themes
• Create, format, and manage pages and posts
• Add media files including images, audio, video, and documents
• Choose, install, and customize sidebar widgets
• Choose, install, and configure self-hosted WordPress plugins
• Add and manage custom menus
• Make the most of WordPress.com free and premium features
• Create and manage a site with multiple users
• Manage user comments and comment spam
• Import, export, and back up WordPress sites
• Design a site that works on mobile devices

Bonus content includes:

• Workshops that show readers how to enhance their feeds, create a private WordPress site, optimize their site for search engines, and more
• Shortcuts, advice, and cautions to save time and frustration
• Design tips to help readers create a high-quality site even if they have no design background
• Recommended plugins and themes

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the Author
  7. We Want to Hear from You!
  8. Reader Services
  9. Contents
  10. Introduction
    1. What You’ll Learn
    2. Who This Book Is For
    3. Step-by-Step Instructions
    4. Workshops
    5. Organization of the Book
  11. 1. Introducing WordPress
    1. Understanding the Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
    2. Exploring WordPress Versions
    3. Website Versus Blog: What’s the Difference?
    4. Understanding Web Hosting
    5. Understanding Domain Names
    6. Planning Your Website
    7. Posts Versus Pages
  12. 2. Getting Started with WordPress.com
    1. Creating a Website with WordPress.com
    2. WordPress.com Account Options
    3. Activating and Setting Up Your WordPress.com Account
    4. Navigating WordPress.com
    5. Exploring the WordPress.com Admin Bar
    6. Exploring the WordPress.com Dashboard
    7. Logging In to WordPress.com
    8. Creating Your WordPress.com Profile
    9. Gravatars and Gravatar Hovercards
    10. Defining Your Personal Settings
    11. Finding and Following Friends
    12. Getting Help
    13. Verifying Your Website
    14. Signing Out of WordPress.com
  13. 3. Getting Started with WordPress (WordPress.org)
    1. Installing WordPress
    2. Navigating WordPress
    3. Exploring the WordPress Toolbar
    4. Exploring the WordPress Dashboard
    5. Logging In to WordPress
    6. Getting Started with WordPress
    7. Creating Your WordPress Profile
    8. Getting Help
    9. Logging Out of WordPress
  14. 4. Specifying WordPress Settings
    1. Specifying General Settings
    2. Specifying Writing Settings
    3. Specifying Reading Settings
    4. Managing Discussion Settings
    5. Modifying Media Settings
    6. Customizing Permalinks Settings (WordPress.org)
    7. Enabling Sharing (WordPress.com)
    8. Setting Up Polls (WordPress.com)
    9. Setting Up Ratings (WordPress.com)
    10. Specifying Email Post Changes Settings (WordPress.com)
    11. Adding OpenID Trusted Sites (WordPress.com)
    12. Adding Webhooks (WordPress.com)
  15. 5. Working with Themes
    1. Understanding Theme Differences Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com
    2. Exploring WordPress Theme Layout Options
    3. Exploring WordPress Theme Pricing Options
    4. Five Steps to Choosing the Perfect Theme
    5. Searching for and Activating a Theme (WordPress.com)
    6. Searching for and Installing a Theme (WordPress.org)
    7. Uploading a Theme (WordPress.org)
    8. Using Live Preview
    9. Activating a Different Theme
    10. Customizing Your Theme
    11. Other Theme Customization Options (WordPress.org)
    12. Deleting a Theme (WordPress.org)
  16. 6. Creating and Managing Pages
    1. Adding Pages
    2. Displaying Panels on the Add New Page Screen
    3. Managing Pages
    4. Copying Pages (WordPress.com)
    5. Deleting Pages
  17. 7. Creating and Managing Posts
    1. Creating a Post on the Add New Post Screen
    2. Displaying Panels on the Add New Post Screen
    3. Creating a Post with QuickPress
    4. Copying a Post (WordPress.com)
    5. Creating a Post Using the Quick Post Form (WordPress.com)
    6. Viewing All Posts
    7. Editing and Deleting Posts
    8. Working with Categories
    9. Working with Tags
  18. 8. Formatting Pages and Posts
    1. Formatting with the Visual Editor
    2. Exploring the Visual Editor Toolbar
    3. Creating a List
    4. Creating a Blockquote
    5. Working with Links
    6. Using the More Tag
    7. Customizing More Tag Links
    8. Checking Spelling, Grammar, and Style
    9. Using the Distraction Free Writing Mode
    10. Formatting with the Text Editor
    11. Exploring the Text Editor Toolbar
  19. 9. Working with Media Files
    1. Understanding Media File Types
    2. Inserting an Image from Your Computer
    3. Inserting a Media File from Your Computer
    4. Inserting Audio Files
    5. Inserting Videos
    6. Embedding a Hosted Media File
    7. Inserting a Media File from a URL
    8. Uploading Files Directly to the Media Library
    9. Inserting a Media File from the Media Library
    10. Inserting an Image Gallery
    11. Viewing the Media Library
    12. Editing a Media File
  20. 10. Working with Widgets
    1. Adding a Widget to a Sidebar
    2. Choosing the Right Widgets for Your Website
    3. Exploring Widgets (WordPress.com)
    4. Exploring Widgets (WordPress.org)
    5. Configuring a Widget
    6. Rearranging Widgets
    7. Removing a Widget from a Sidebar
  21. 11. Working with Links
    1. Creating a Link Category
    2. Adding a New Link
    3. Viewing and Finding Links
    4. Editing Links and Link Categories
    5. Displaying Links on Your Sidebar
    6. Deleting Links and Link Categories
  22. 12. Working with Plugins (WordPress.org)
    1. Searching for and Installing Plugins
    2. Activating Plugins
    3. Specifying Plugin Settings
    4. Updating Plugins
    5. Deactivating and Deleting Plugins
  23. 13. Adding and Managing Menus
    1. Changing Page Menu Order
    2. Creating Custom Menus
    3. Managing Custom Menus
  24. 14. Getting Feedback on Your Website (WordPress.com)
    1. Getting Feedback on Self-Hosted WordPress Sites
    2. Getting Feedback Before You Publish
    3. Working with Polls
    4. Working with Ratings
    5. Working with Contact Forms
  25. 15. WordPress.com Premium Features
    1. Exploring WordPress.com Upgrades
    2. Understanding WordPress Bundles
    3. Purchasing an Upgrade
    4. Viewing and Managing Upgrades
    5. Viewing Your Billing History
  26. 16. Managing Users
    1. Understanding User Roles
    2. Adding New Users (WordPress.com)
    3. The WordPress.com Invitation Process
    4. Adding New Users (WordPress.org)
    5. Managing Your WordPress Users
  27. 17. Managing Comments
    1. Five Steps to Setting Up Your WordPress Commenting System
    2. Activating the Akismet Plugin to Control Comment Spam (WordPress.org)
    3. How Akismet Works
    4. Updating the Comments Setting on Existing Posts and Pages
    5. Moderating Comments
    6. Adding Comments to Your Own Site
    7. Deleting Comments
    8. Managing Spam
  28. 18. Managing Your WordPress Website
    1. Managing Your Website (WordPress.com)
    2. Managing Your Website (WordPress.org)
    3. WordPress Backup Plugins
    4. Deleting a Self-Hosted WordPress Website
  29. A. WordPress Premium Themes
    1. Woo Themes
    2. StudioPress
    3. Thesis
    4. Headway
    5. Solostream
    6. Templatic
    7. Even More Themes
  30. B. WordPress Plugins (WordPress.org)
    1. Backup Plugins
    2. Commenting and Community
    3. E-commerce Plugins
    4. Media Plugins
    5. Membership Plugins
    6. Security Plugins
    7. SEO Plugins
    8. Social Plugins
    9. Utility Plugins
    10. The Best of the Rest
  31. C. Going Mobile with WordPress
    1. WordPress Mobile Apps
    2. WordPress.com Mobile Theme
    3. Mobile Plugins (WordPress.org)
  32. Index
  33. Workshops
    1. Introduction
    2. Project 1: Adding a Contact Page to Your Website (WordPress.org)
    3. Project 2: Creating a Private WordPress Website (WordPress.com)
    4. Project 3: Publishing a Post at a Future Date and Time
    5. Project 4: Adding Social Sharing Buttons (WordPress.org)
  34. Online Workshop
    1. Bonus Online Content

Product information

  • Title: WordPress® on Demand
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2013
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780133256215