WordPress Security : Secure Your Site Against Hackers!

Video Description

Fact: over 30,000 websites are hacked everyday. Fact: cybercrime costs the global economy over $450 billion. Fact: over 1.5 million WordPress sites were hacked in a single day this year due to a single vulnerability. Don’t think website security isn’t important. Cyber-criminals are out there using sophisticated software to scan the internet for any type of vulnerable website. Hackers don’t care if your website is big, small, a non-profit, or profit making. A hacked website is worth money to them as they can either extort money from a website owner, or place links or code on the site to support some other type of criminal activity. Online security is of paramount importance to every human being on this planet. This course is for everybody. There is very little use of technical terminology or advanced online procedures. Anyone with basic computer skills can protect any WordPress website by following this course. The course starts with the two biggest causes of hacks on websites and shows you the simple and non-technical ways to protect yourself. The two biggest causes of hacks on WordPress websites are: easily guessed or stolen usernames and password out of date software

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 00:03:49
  2. Username and Password Security
    1. Introduction to the Username and Passwords Section 00:01:01
    2. Make your Usernames Hard to Guess 00:05:05
    3. Password Security: Sobering and Scary News – You MUST Watch This Video! 00:05:36
    4. Improving the Security of the WordPress Admin User 00:11:04
    5. An easy way to change your username with Username Changer plugin 00:03:20
    6. How to Enable 2 Step Authentication to your WordPress Login 00:04:27
  3. Keeping Software Up-to-Date and Understanding Basic "Webroot Hygiene"
    1. Introduction to the Updating Software Section 00:01:17
    2. How To Make Sure You're Running Up To Date Software 00:07:49
    3. Deleting Unnecessary Plug-ins through the WordPress backend 00:02:01
    4. Deleting Unnecessary Themes through the WordPress backend 00:01:57
    5. Home Directory And Webroot Hygiene And How To Access A Site's Files 00:11:48
    6. Checking the File and Folder Permissions on the Server 00:03:02
    7. Disable Directory Listing 00:03:23
  4. Wordfence security plugin
    1. Introduction to the Wordfence Security Plugin 00:00:39
    2. Why the Wordfence Security Plugin is so awesome 00:04:59
    3. Activating Wordfence Security Plugin for WordPress Initial Essential Steps 00:13:54
    4. Checking up on Wordfence 24 hour later 00:05:38
    5. Making sure the firewall is enabled in Wordfence and more about the plugin 00:05:53
    6. Further Tweaks to the Wordfence Security Plugin 00:03:03
    7. What to do if you get locked out of WordPress by Wordfence Security Plugin 00:03:58
  5. Backing Up
    1. Introduction to the Section on Backing-Up 00:00:46
    2. An Introduction to Backing-up and Restoring WordPress Websites 00:04:48
    3. Recommended WordPress Plug-ins for Backing-up and Restoring WordPress Sites 00:03:34
    4. Scheduling Database and File Backups to the Cloud Using a Free Plugin 00:06:33
    5. How to Restore a WordPress Website from a Backup 00:08:00
  6. Extra WordPress Security Tasks – Really Lock Down Your Site
    1. Introduction to the Extra Security Tasks Section 00:00:58
    2. Install WordPress Securely By Installing Manually 00:04:33
    3. How To Get the Green Secure Padlock on an HTTPS SSL Website 00:08:59
    4. Disable Error Reporting 00:04:50
    5. Disable File Editing in the WordPress Dashboard 00:01:10
    6. Protecting the wp-includes folder and the wp-config.php file 00:02:24
    7. Prevent PHP Execution in the Uploads Directory and Reminder to Update Software 00:04:22
  7. Conclusion
    1. Conclusion 00:00:29

Product Information

  • Title: WordPress Security : Secure Your Site Against Hackers!
  • Author(s): Stone River eLearning
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Stone River eLearning
  • ISBN: 100000006A0701