WordPress® SEO Success: Search Engine Optimization for Your WordPress Website or Blog

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WordPress® SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization for Your WordPress Website or Blog

Hands-on, up-to-the-minute SEO techniques specifically for WordPress users!

WordPress gives you amazingly powerful SEO tools: this hands-on guide will help you make the most of them! Written specifically for WordPress users, this guide covers all you need: built-in WordPress capabilities, third-party plugins, well-integrated web resources, and more. Whether you manage a large-scale site or a personal blog, Jacob Aull will help you integrate SEO into all you do, from strategy through optimization of existing content. New to SEO? Already do it for a living? Either way, WordPress SEO Success will help you drive the traffic you want--and the value you need!

  • Build a complete SEO strategy--and a content plan that aligns with it

  • Choose the best WordPress SEO tools and plugins for your needs

  • Uncover quick, powerful ways to improve your site

  • Identify and research keywords far more effectively

  • Reflect SEO in architecture via site mapping and marketing funnels

  • Sensibly manage the inevitable tradeoffs of optimization

  • Improve SEO even if you’re running a free WordPress.com blog

  • Leverage content themes and keyword-driven blogging techniques

  • Optimize “blog-meets-website” and “multiple blogs+sites” deployments

  • Strengthen your rankings by intelligently using social media

  • Optimize your sites for smartphones and tablets

  • Measure performance via free analytics--including mobile analytics

  • Integrate organic SEO with paid advertising

  • Avoid today’s worst SEO blunders 

  • Jacob Aull, principal of Zen Fires Digital Marketing, has been in Internet marketing since the label existed. He began doing web design and branding in the late ‘90s as an agency partner. While transitioning deeper into online and search marketing, he earned an M.S. in marketing from Georgia State’s Robinson College of Business in 2009. There he customized his own degree program, executing an independent capstone thesis on social media marketing. In 2010, the university asked him to write and teach its first course on social media marketing, which he continues today. Aull edited Prentice Hall’s first social media marketing textbook, and wrote its accompanying instructor’s manual. He co-founded and chaired the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association Social Media SIG, and speaks widely on social and search marketing.

    Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. Introduction
      1. Why a Book?
      2. SEO and the World Today
    12. 1. What Is SEO and Do I Really Need It?
      1. A Day in Your Life...
      2. A (Brief) History of SEO
      3. What’s the Long Tail—and Just How Long Is It?
      4. Fifteen “WordPress SEO Success” Principles
      5. What Makes WordPress WordPress?
      6. Content Strategies and Keyword Search
      7. The Backstory on Backlinks
      8. SEO Ethics and the Hats We Wear
    13. 2. The Search Engines, WordPress, and SEO Tools
      1. What’s the Word on WordPress?
      2. Is WordPress Better (or Easier) for SEO?
      3. SEO Approaches for Starting Your Business
      4. Integrating SEO During Test-Site Build
      5. Choosing Plug-ins for Customized WordPress Websites and Blogs
      6. Essential SEO Technologies, Tools, and Plug-ins for WordPress Sites
      7. SEO Comprehensive Management Plug-ins for WordPress
    14. 3. A Strategic SEO Upfront Content Approach
      1. Step 1: Conduct Digital Audits
      2. Step 2: Write Your Strategy Brief
      3. Step 3: Identify and Research Your Keywords
      4. Step 4: Plan Network Architecture
      5. Step 5: Sitemapping
      6. Identifying the Different Roles of Web and Blogsites
      7. Step 6: Assessing Content and Keyword Relationships
      8. Step 7: Writing the SEO Page Forms
    15. 4. WordPress On-Page Architecture and Basic SEO Execution
      1. WordPress.com, WordPress.org—Which Way Do I Go?
      2. WordPress On-Page Architecture
      3. Architecting Widgets On-Page
      4. Technical Aspects of WordPress.com and SEO
      5. WordPress Analytics
      6. WordPress.com Content Approaches
      7. Big-Picture Progression of SEO Goals and Achievements
      8. Give Me More
    16. 5. Real-World Blogging
      1. More on Blog and Page Architecture
      2. Why Blog?
      3. The How: Planning to Blog
      4. When and How Often?
      5. Shared Content Strategies
      6. Opportunities to Occupy More of the SERP with Social Media
      7. Pages Versus Posts for SEO
      8. About Vertical Search
      9. Blog, Blog, Blog
    17. 6. Hands-On SEO Execution (Website and Blog Builds Versus Post-Integration)
      1. SEO Checklist for Full Sites
      2. Before Installs
      3. Expanded List of Search Engine Bot Barriers and Other No-Nos
      4. Hands-On Execution for Specific Plug-ins
      5. The Final Plug on SEO Plug-ins
    18. 7. Analytics for WordPress
      1. Number 1 = You Win?
      2. The Terms of Your Terms
      3. Immediate Upfront Measurements
      4. Social Content and Variety on the SERP
      5. Keywords and Rank
      6. Caught Up in Traffic
      7. Identifying Referrals and Backlinks
      8. Which Tools Do You Need for Best Analytics?
      9. Google Webmaster Tools
      10. Additional Analytics Options
      11. Final Thoughts on Expanded Measurement
    19. 8. Social Media Connectivity
      1. Long-Term Social Media Trends
      2. How Do Specific, Major Social Channels Impact SEO?
      3. The Power of Social Reputation
      4. Plug-ins, Widgets, and More Plug-ins!
      5. Outside Social Site Usage with WordPress
      6. Wheel-and-Spoke Strategy
      7. The Social Media Plan
      8. Pros and Cons of Social Media in SEO
      9. Get It Goin’ On
    20. 9. Going Mobile and Local
      1. Where’s the Web?
      2. Display Trends
      3. The WordPress Mobile App
      4. Mobile Sites or Mobile Apps?
      5. Mobile Site SEO
      6. Mobile Site Testing
      7. Mobile Analytics
      8. QR Codes
      9. Vertical Local Results in the SERP
      10. Daily Deals Sites and Apps
      11. Bringing It All Home
    21. 10. PPC and Advertising
      1. The Power of Paid
      2. Advantages and Objectives for Online Advertising
      3. Here’s the Alphabet Soup
      4. Research for Advertising
      5. Strategic Research and Planning
      6. Social Media Advertising Options
      7. Inputs to Plan and Identify for Your Online Ad Campaign
      8. Monitoring and Measurement
      9. Steps of Execution for Your Online Advertising Campaign
      10. Testing 1-2
      11. How Can I Have Advertising on my WordPress Site?
      12. It’s a Wrap
    22. 11. Bringing It All Together—Testing, SEO, PPC, Social and Mobile, and Analytics
      1. The Digital Model
      2. Putting It All Together
      3. Overall Search Strategies
      4. More on Search Marketing Strategies
      5. Round Pegs, Square Holes
      6. Backlink Strategies
      7. Testy, Testy
      8. Comparing Big Pictures
      9. Content Marketing Strategy
      10. The Changing Changes
      11. Oh Yeah, What About WordPress?
      12. It’s All About Priorities and Focus, Right?
    23. 12. What’s Next? The Future of SEO and WordPress
      1. SEO Next Steps
      2. Be My Fortune Teller
      3. Semantic Search
      4. The Ongoing Role of Social Media
      5. Video Content and SEO
      6. Content and Collaboration
      7. More on Local
      8. Going Google
      9. Augment Your Reality
      10. The Mobile Tomorrow
      11. The Future of WordPress
      12. Finally...
    24. Appendix A. WordPress Plug-ins
    25. Appendix B. Support and Education: Forums, Accreditations, Associations, Seminars, and Tech Resources
    26. Glossary
    27. Index
    28. Inside Back Cover

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    • Title: WordPress® SEO Success: Search Engine Optimization for Your WordPress Website or Blog
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: June 2014
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780133810936