Exploring Common Template Tags

In this section, I describe the template tags for the items commonly placed in the sidebar of a site. I say commonly placed because it’s possible to get creative with these template tags and place them in other locations, such as the Footer template. To keep this introduction to sidebar template tags simple, I stick with the most common use, leaving the creative and uncommon uses to you to try when you’re comfortable with the basics.

This section also discusses the tag parameters that you can include in the tag to control some of its display properties. You need to know these three types of parameters:

check.png String: A line of text that can be anything from a single letter to a long list of words. A string is placed between single quotation marks and sets an option for the parameter or is displayed as text.

check.png Integer: A positive or negative number. Integers are placed within the parentheses and either inside or outside single quotation marks. Either way, they’re processed correctly.

check.png Boolean: Sets the parameter options to true or false. This parameter can be numeric (0 = false and 1 = true) or textual. Boolean parameters aren’t placed within quotation marks.

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