Exploring Editors, Browsers, and FTP

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing the right text editor

arrow Discovering different browsers and tools

arrow Choosing an FTP client

arrow Establishing FTP on your hosting account

arrow Connecting to your web server and transferring files with FTP

I started in web design in 1998 and have learned a great many things during my journey through designing my little corner of the web. One thing that’s certain is that technology moves at a pretty rapid pace, and if you’re really serious about making a career — or even a serious hobby — out of web design, you need to keep up. Being a full-time web designer and developer is like being back in school because you’re constantly discovering and teaching yourself new and emerging technologies.

I’ve also learned that when you sit down at the computer to begin any web design project, large or small, it’s vital that you have the right tools at your fingertips. Having the right tools makes a world of difference in the quality, efficiency, and ...

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