Ten Well-Designed Sites That Use WordPress as a CMS

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing examples of how WordPress powers websites

arrow Discovering sites that use WordPress for more than just blogging

A tremendous number of well-designed WordPress sites are on the web. Picking only ten to highlight here was a near-impossible task for me. Sometimes, you can look at a website and not even know whether it’s a blog or a site built with blogging software. Because users can extend the WordPress software to function as so much more than just a blog, people refer to WordPress as a content management system (CMS) rather than merely a blogging platform. (See Chapter 15 for more on WordPress as a CMS.)

In this chapter, I try to represent the types of websites built with the tools and techniques that I cover earlier in this book. So here you are: Ten sites that go beyond the blog.



IconDock, created by the folks from N.Design Studio, is a perfect example of using WordPress as an online shop. IconDock has a fully functional and easy-to-navigate e-commerce shop where visitors can purchase high-quality icons and graphics. IconDock uses the WP e-Commerce plugin and the DropShop commercial add-on plugin to create the drag-and-drop shop feature for its products.

If you can take away ...

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