Principle #3Using The Language Of GraceWords Are Powerful

A cartoon image depicting a meeting room, where the boss is asking to one of the employee: “why do you get that look every time you have to present your findings to the group?”

The Quiet Engineer

Kärcher is a family-owned company and the world's leading provider of efficient cleaning systems. Kärcher bases its reputation on top performance, innovation, and quality, so there is a constant drive to upgrade and improve its products.

A Kärcher engineer sent us an email saying his team had been struggling with a manufacturing issue they had not been able to solve. Their usual approach at Kärcher is to hold intense conversations and move on, but in this case their meetings had not been productive.

The team leader had been trained in Emergenetics, but as someone with a preference for Analytical thinking, he had been skeptical during the seminar and only had given it his perfunctory attention. In desperation, he decided to revisit what he had learned.

Realizing that he had made an oversight, the team leader reviewed the ...

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