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Workforce Analytics of the Future - Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Talent Needs

Video Description

Predictive analytics are rapidly becoming an important strategic tool for HR leaders in building their talent management pipeline. Leading companies are using predictive analytics to understand and forecast where talent will be plentiful and scarce, how talent will move between roles, and even who will leave and when. And increasingly, powerful analytic tools can be used to help forecast and close the gap between the current talent in an organization compared to the future talent that will be needed. In this Harvard Business Review Webinar, USC professor and talent management expert John Boudreau shares insights on the role of predictive analytics in optimizing talent decisions in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. He describes how HR leaders can match talent to needs, and discusses how executives can better understand how to deploy and manage the growing number of contingent workers who are providing critical skills in a changing global economy.