Requirements Gathering and Analysis for Workforce Asset Management1

In this chapter, the role of business analyst (BA) is broken down into strategic and tactical tasks, which is a frequent role the Workforce Asset Management Professional (WAM-Pro) will play. Business analysis is a careful procedure of defining and then meeting the organization's requirements. What can be taken away from this chapter is that, like project management, the discovery, planning, and organizing stages are critical for achieving meaningful results. Numerous techniques are available. Consistency in method and application produces a clear definition of requirement and need and a workable solution to meet the mark. This chapter also gives a fictional example of a business analysis process for a set of simple workforce management (WFM) requirements and solution selection, which can be scaled and tested in a variety of formats and environments.

Learning Objectives
By the end of Chapter 18, you should be able to:
  • Define the business analyst and systems analyst and how each role relates to the WAM-Pro.
  • Explain the steps of business problem solving and develop connections to how these would apply to WFM problems.
  • Identify the parts of a requirements analysis document.
  • Outline business analysis processes for WFM requirements and solution selection.


The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBATM) defines business analysis as “the set of tasks and techniques ...

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