Working in the Cloud: Using Web-Based Applications and Tools to Collaborate Online

Book description

All anyone needs to succeed with today’s cloud productivity and collaboration tools

Clearly explains the cloud concepts and terminology you need to know Helps you choose your best options for managing data, content, and collaboration Shows how to use cloud services more securely and efficiently

Today’s cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools can help companies work together more effectively at a lower cost. But wideranging choices and enormous hype make it tough to choose your best solutions. In Working in the Cloud, Jason R. Rich demystifies your options, introduces each leading tool, reviews their pros and cons, and offers tips for using them more successfully.

This book covers Box, Cisco WebEx, DocuSign, Dropbox, Dropbox Paper, Evernote, Google Docs, Google Drive, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365,, Skype for Business, Slack, Trello, and more. Throughout, he offers practical guidance on adjusting everyday workflows and processes to make the most of them.

You’ll learn how to enforce security in the cloud, manage small group collaborations, customize tools to your unique needs, and achieve real-time collaboration with employees, partners, and customers across virtually all devices: PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. If you’re ready to take full advantage of the cloud but don’t know how, get Working in the Cloud: It’s all you’ll need to know.

  • Compare the resources you need to implement each cloud solution
  • Organize data, documents, and files for easiest access
  • Get access to your tools and content wherever you go
  • Make sure your cloud-based appsand tools work together smoothly
  • Enforce security and privacy using encryption and other technologies
  • Plan security strategies for team leaders, members, and collaborators
  • Encourage new workstyles to make the most of cloud collaboration
  • Use Office 365 and/or Google G Suite for content creation, management, and collaboration
  • Collaborate in large groups with WebEx, Exchange, SharePoint, and Slack
  • Share, synchronize, and collaborate on content with Box and Dropbox
  • Connect your sales team with Salesforce
  • Take notes and stay organized with Evernote
  • Securely review, edit, digitally sign, and share documents with DocuSign
  • Manage tasks and projects visually with Trello
  • Improve communication and reduce costs with Skype
  • Discover tips and tricks for better, simpler, real-time collaboration

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication Page
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. Chapter 1: Introducing Cloud-Based Computing and Collaborating
    1. What Is the Cloud?
      1. The Mechanics of Cloud Storage
      2. Security Concerns in the Cloud
      3. Considerations When Selecting Services
    2. How to Use Cloud-Based Computing
    3. What You Need to Get Started
    4. What You Should Know Before Getting Started
  12. Chapter 2: Determining Your Needs for Cloud-Based Solutions
    1. Common Business Uses for Cloud-Based Tools
      1. Managing Customer Relationships
      2. Syncing and Storing Files Across Devices
      3. Sharing Files
      4. Communicating with Group Messaging
      5. Conducting Interactive Polling and Q&A Sessions
      6. Integrating Services with Microsoft Office 365
      7. Collaborating in Real Time
      8. Sharing Screens and Virtual Whiteboards
      9. Recording and Playing Back Virtual Meetings
      10. Voice Calling and Video Conferencing
    2. Overview of Online File-Sharing and Collaboration Services
      1. Box
      2. Cisco WebEx
      3. DocuSign
      4. Dropbox and Dropbox Paper
      5. Evernote
      6. Google G Suite
      7. Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint
      8. Microsoft Office 365
      9. Salesforce
      10. Skype
      11. Slack
      12. Trello
  13. Chapter 3: Becoming a More Efficient Collaborator
    1. Working Efficiently with File-Storage and Data-Syncing Services
    2. Tips for Effective File-Sharing
      1. Maintain Control of the Files You Share
      2. Manage Permissions for Shared Content
      3. Understand How You Can Lose Control of Content
      4. Maintain a Version History for Important Documents and Files
    3. Etiquette and Strategies for Real-Time Collaboration
      1. 15 Tips for Getting the Most from Using Collaboration Tools
      2. Develop a Meeting Plan
      3. Strategies for Effectively Using Chat or Group Messaging
  14. Chapter 4: Understanding Cloud-Based Security Concerns
    1. Certifications from Recognized Organizations
    2. Types of Security Threats
    3. Ways to Protect Yourself When Using the Cloud
    4. User Mistakes That Often Lead to Security Problems
    5. Strategies for Password Creation and Management
    6. Two-Factor Authentication
    7. Virtual Private Networks
      1. Norton WiFi Privacy Service
      2. Additional VPN Service Options
  15. Chapter 5: Collaborating with Box
    1. Getting to Know Box
      1. File Storage
      2. File Sharing
      3. Integrated Collaboration Tools
    2. Understanding Box Subscription Plans and Pricing
      1. Individual Plans
      2. Business Plans
    3. Using Box with PCs and Macs
      1. Customizing Your Box Profile and Account Settings
      2. Working with Box Messages
      3. Managing Files and Folders Within Your Box Account
      4. Taking Advantage of Box’s File Management and Collaboration Tools
      5. Using Box Notes
    4. Using Box with a Smartphone or Tablet
    5. Getting Online Support
  16. Chapter 6: Using Cisco WebEx for Large-Group Collaboration
    1. Cisco WebEx Overview
    2. WebEx and Spark Service Plans
      1. Premium 8 Plan
      2. Premium 25 Plan
      3. Premium 200 Plan
    3. Cisco Mobile Apps
    4. WebEx Video Conferences
      1. Getting Started with WebEx Tools
      2. Scheduling a Meeting
      3. Starting Your First Video Conference or Virtual Meeting
    5. Collaboration in a Spark Virtual Workspace
    6. Security Considerations
  17. Chapter 7: Using DocuSign to Review, Edit, Sign, and Share Documents
    1. DocuSign Overview
    2. Benefits of DocuSign
    3. DocuSign Subscription Plans
    4. The DocuSign Mobile App
    5. Interview with DocuSign Founder and CEO Tom Gosner
  18. Chapter 8: Managing Collaboration with Dropbox
    1. Dropbox Overview
      1. File Storage in the Cloud
      2. File-Sharing Functionality
      3. Data Syncing
    2. Dropbox Subscription Plans
      1. The Dropbox Plus Plan
      2. The Dropbox Standard Plan
      3. The Dropbox Advanced Plan
    3. Dropbox Software
    4. The Dropbox Mobile App
    5. The Website
    6. Dropbox Paper
  19. Chapter 9: Taking Notes and Staying Organized with Evernote
    1. Evernote Overview
    2. Evernote Pricing
    3. Setup of Evernote
    4. Note-Taking in Evernote
    5. Evernote’s Data-Syncing and File-Sharing Tools
    6. Collaboration
    7. Add-Ons, Third-Party Apps, and Templates
  20. Chapter 10: Working in Google’s G Suite
    1. Google G Suite Overview
    2. G Suite Plans and Pricing
      1. G Suite Basic
      2. G Suite Business
    3. Getting Started with G Suite
    4. Collaborating Using Docs
    5. Using G Suite’s Communications Tools
      1. Hangouts Meet
      2. Google+
      3. Gmail
  21. Chapter 11: Using Microsoft Office 365 for Collaboration and File Sharing
    1. Office 365 Overview
    2. Office 365 Subscription Plans and Pricing
      1. Microsoft Office 365 Home Subscription Plans
      2. Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Subscription Plans
      3. Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Subscription Plans
    3. File-Sharing and Collaboration Tools
      1. File Sharing Directly from OneDrive
    4. Collaboration Tools Within Office Applications
    5. Collaboration Tools Offered by Microsoft Services
    6. Decision Time: Avoiding Office 365 Confusion
  22. Chapter 12: Handling Large-Group Collaboration with Microsoft Exchange Online
    1. Microsoft Exchange Online Overview
    2. Microsoft Exchange Online Plans and Pricing
    3. Setup Options
      1. Interacting Directly with Microsoft
      2. Working with an Independent Microsoft Hosting Provider
  23. Chapter 13: Bringing Teams Together with Salesforce
    1. Overview of CRM Applications
      1. Benefits of a Cloud-Based CRM Solution
      2. Benefits of a Cloud-Based Solution
      3. Available CRM Solutions
    2. Overview of Salesforce
    3. Salesforce Subscription Plans and Pricing
      1. SalesforceIQ CRM Starter
      2. Sales Cloud Lightning Professional
      3. Sales Cloud Lightning Enterprise
      4. Sales Cloud Lightning Unlimited
    4. Getting Started with Salesforce
  24. Chapter 14: Communicating via Skype
    1. Skype Overview
    2. Skype Pricing
    3. Getting Started Using Skype for Business
    4. Personalizing Your Skype Account
    5. Making and Receiving Voice Calls
    6. Understanding Voice Call Features
    7. Initiating or Answering a Video Call
    8. Using the Skype Messaging
    9. Sharing Files and Using Screen Sharing via Skype
  25. Chapter 15: Discovering Slack
    1. Slack Overview
    2. Slack Subscription Plans and Pricing
      1. The Slack Free Plan
      2. The Slack Standard Plan
      3. The Slack Plus Plan
      4. The Slack Enterprise Grid Plan
    3. Getting Started with Slack
    4. Communicating More Efficiently Using Slack
      1. Adjusting Slack’s Security Features
      2. Creating Detailed Profiles
      3. Creating Topic-Specific Channels and General Channels
      4. Customizing Notification Settings
      5. Customizing the Appearance of Channels
      6. Making Communication More Efficient
      7. Taking Advantage of Integrations
  26. Chapter 16: Maximizing Communication Efficiency with Trello
    1. Trello Overview
    2. Trello Subscription Plans and Pricing
      1. The Trello Gold Plan
      2. The Trello Business Class Plan
      3. The Trello Enterprise Plan
    3. Getting Started with Trello
      1. Switching Between Boards
      2. Creating a New Team and Inviting People to Collaborate
      3. Exploring the Sample Welcome Board
      4. Searching for Content
      5. Creating a New Board
      6. Managing Your Trello Account
      7. Learning More About Trello
      8. Reviewing Trello Notifications
    4. Populating Trello Boards
      1. Adding Members, Labels, Checklists, Due Dates and Attachments to Cards
      2. Reorganizing Your Cards
      3. Using Actions to Organize and Manage Information
    5. Adding Functionality with Third-Party Apps
  27. Chapter 17: Adapting to Quickly Evolving Technologies
    1. Taking Advantage of Integrations
    2. Expert Advice from Olivia Teich, Director of Products at Dropbox
  28. Index

Product information

  • Title: Working in the Cloud: Using Web-Based Applications and Tools to Collaborate Online
  • Author(s): Jason R. Rich
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780134788494