260 Working with IBM Records Manager
13.2 Enabling auditing
To see the activities on the fields, you must enable auditing. To enable auditing:
1. From IBM Records Manager administrator client, select Tools Audit
2. Select the components that you want to enable auditing one at a time and
click Edit. For our example, we select User and click Edit. The Audit
Configuration - User window opens, as shown in Figure 13-3.
Figure 13-3 Audit Configuration - User window
3. Select the type of actions that you want to audit for the particular component.
For our example, we select all Actions with the exception of View and click
Save. The Actions box that is above the events either selects all actions or
clears all actions.
Chapter 13. Auditing and monitoring 261
Figure 13-4 shows the selection of events for documents or records. Note that
the events are different for the various components. For example, one cannot
perform a charge out or host retrieve on a user.
Figure 13-4 Audit Configuration - Document window
4. Continue through the list of components and enable options for the
5. When you have enabled all the components, look at the Audit Configuration
Summary window again.
262 Working with IBM Records Manager
Figure 13-5 and Figure 13-6 show the events that we enabled for our
Figure 13-5 Audit configuration report Page 1
Chapter 13. Auditing and monitoring 263
Figure 13-6 Audit configuration report Page 2

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