20 Part I: Introducing Team System
Project site—Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services (WSS) portal provides a
collaborative work area
Reporting—Management and status reports are available to the entire team
These are important features to teams of every size. These features serve to unify the entire
team in various ways. Without Team Foundation Server, each team member would be
architecting, developing, or testing within his or her own silo. This is a problem we want to
Tip Microsoft recommends using Visual Studio 2005 Team System with Active Directory
directory service. However, this is not a requirement. If you want to install Team Foundation
Server on a single server, it can belong to a workgroup. Dual-server installations will require
Active Directory.
Team Foundation Server Architecture
Team Foundation Server is a multitiered architecture, composed of an application tier and a
data tier. It is similar to what many enterprises are building in-house for their own business
applications. Team Foundation Server was constructed by using best-of-breed software, such
as ASP.NET 2.0, WSS, and Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005.
Data Tier
Team Foundation Server’s data tier is hosted on SQL Server 2005. Ideally, this should be a
dedicated server that does nothing but support your team. Team Foundation Server needs
to run on the default instance of SQL Server 2005, thus freeing up other instances. Team
Foundation Server will use both the database engine and analysis services features of SQL
Server 2005. You should follow the Team Foundation Server setup guide explicitly when
preparing a SQL Server 2005 for Team System.
The following databases are installed in the data tier:
TFSIntegration Team Foundation Server core services (project metadata,
notifi cations, security groups, and so on)
TFSWarehouse Team Foundation Data Warehouse
TFSWorkItemTracking Team Foundation Server work item tracking database
TFSWorkItemTrackingAttachments Team Foundation Server work item attachment
TFSVersionControl Team Foundation Server version control database
TFSActivityLogging Team Foundation Server version control event log
TFSBuild Team Build data (results, code coverage, test results, and so on)

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