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Working with Odoo 10

Video Description

Configure, manage, and customize Odoo to build professional-level business applications

About This Video

  • Build an Odoo module and integrate it with other platforms through this practical guide

  • This video course is the perfect companion to help you customize your Odoo installations for your enterprise requirements

  • Use project management along with analytics to get better reporting

  • In Detail

    Odoo is a comprehensive set of open source enterprise management applications. Now with Odoo 10, you have access to a powerful website builder, integrated e-commerce features, and a fast-growing community to help transform and modernize your business.

    You will start with how to set up Odoo online and on your own server. You’ll then configure the basic company settings required to quickly getting your first Odoo system up and running. Later, you’ll explore Customer Relationship Management in Odoo and its importance in today's modern business environment.

    Next, we deep dive into purchasing application with Odoo and you’ll learn some of the primary functionalities of ERP systems for manufacturing operations. You will then use analytic accounting to provide better reporting. Finally, we’ll walk through the recent Odoo 10 features with respect to the community and the enterprise edition, giving you a complete understanding of what Odoo can do for you no matter the reason!