Working with SSH

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The course begins by introducing you to the fundamentals of SSH, the Secure Shell protocol that is crucial for secure remote administration and file transfers. You'll learn how to set up SSH on various operating systems, ensuring you have the foundational knowledge to build secure connections across networks.

The course continues as we delve into the use of certificates with SSH, a pivotal skill for enhancing authentication processes and strengthening your network's security posture. By focusing on practical, real-world applications, this section demystifies the complexities of cryptographic keys and certificates.

The course wraps up with advanced strategies for hardening SSH, providing you with the expertise to configure, manage, and troubleshoot SSH-enabled devices with an emphasis on security best practices. Through this comprehensive exploration, you'll emerge equipped to navigate the challenges of securing remote access and data communication in today's interconnected digital world.

What you will learn

  • Set up and configure SSH on multiple platforms
  • Authenticate using SSH keys for enhanced security
  • Implement SSH certificates for secure connections
  • Customize SSH configurations for specific security needs
  • Troubleshoot common SSH connectivity issues
  • Use SSH for secure file transfers and remote administration


This course is ideal for system and server administrators, network engineers, and cybersecurity professionals seeking to enhance their skills in secure remote management. A basic understanding of networking concepts and familiarity with the command line are beneficial.

About the Authors

ACI Learning: ACI Learning trains leaders in Cybersecurity, Audit, and Information Technology. Whether starting an IT career, mastering a profession, or developing a team, they provide essential support at every step.

Don Pezet: Don Pezet, with over 25 years in IT, brings rich experience from his time as a field engineer in finance and insurance, supporting networks globally. A Linux enthusiast, he's skilled in Red Hat and Ubuntu, and has a long-standing connection with macOS and Apple products since the mid-90s. For the last 15 years, Don has dedicated himself to IT education, co-founding ITProTV in 2012 to provide top-tier IT training. As ACI Learning's CPO, he continues to deliver innovative training to IT professionals. His credentials include Microsoft MCSE, Amazon ACSA, Cisco CCNP, LPI LPIC-2, PMI PMP, and several CompTIA certifications like A+, Network+, Security+, and Linux+.

Product information

  • Title: Working with SSH
  • Author(s): ACI Learning, Don Pezet
  • Release date: March 2024
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781835886007