Section IStart it (Workplace Wellness That Excites)

Our first four steps focus on how to start a wellness movement in your organization.

Step 1: Shift Your Mind-Set from Expert to Agent of Change discusses how the movement starts with you. This step helps you explore new ways to expand your wellness leadership skills by becoming an agent of change. As an agent of change, you'll have a better shot at influencing other leaders in the organization. But even if you're “going solo,” you'll have the tools to spark a bottom-up wellness movement in your organization.

Step 2: Imagine What's Possible discusses how to leverage the power of Maslow, a psychologist who dared to imagine what could be. With this paradigm in place, you can transition the conversation from just physical health to one about well-being and living a life of vitality. This chapter will help you bring a powerful vision and sense of purpose to your wellness movement, both critical elements to building effective workplace wellness.

Step 3: Uncover the Hidden Factors helps you better understand the organizational culture you're working in. This chapter helps you identify the inherent strengths in the culture of your organization, as well as the elements that may undermine your efforts. With this knowledge, you'll have the tools to implement a wellness movement that fits the culture, which research shows is an essential component of any long-term and sustainable workplace initiative.

Step 4: Start with What's Right offers ...

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