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Write a Native iOS Game Using Xamarin and C#

Video Description

Create an amazing memory-matching iOS game using Xamarin and C#

About This Video

  • Build a native iOS memory-matching game in no time using Xamarin and C#
  • Work with storyboards within iOS to design a game user interface
  • Wire up game logic to randomize and shuffle your game grid blocks

In Detail

Xamarin is the most powerful cross-platform mobile development framework for creating stunning cross-platform applications on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. C# is a simple, modern, general-purpose, Object-Oriented Programming language developed by Microsoft within its .NET initiative.

This video course starts by walking you through an iOS memory-matching game and how to build this using Visual Studio for Mac. Next, you will add game asset images and all the game interface elements. You will then learn how to build the user interface for your iOS Memory Matching game. Here, you will create and add each of the game elements that will make up the visual representation of your game.

Towards the end of the course, you will implement your game logic to add your game blocks to the view container, and then randomize and shuffle each game block. You will also learn how to implement touch logic to determine when a tile has been tapped on, and then compare the tile with a secondary tile that is tapped. You will then learn how to implement the timer, score, and button actions.