Writing for the Green Light

Book description

Tailor your screenplay to sell. Find out what Hollywood script readers, producers, and studio executives want in a screenplay (and why) from someone who’s been there. Discover what it takes to begin a lasting career as a screenwriter.

Peppered with interviews from established professionals, Writing for the Green Light: How to Make Your Script the One Hollywood Notices gives you a sharp competitive edge by showcasing dozens of everyday events that go on at the studios but are rarely if ever discussed in most screenwriting books. With his behind-the-scenes perspective, Scott Kirkpatrick shows you why the system works the way it does and how you can use its unwritten rules to your advantage. He answers such questions as:

    • Who actually reads your script?
    • How do you pique the interest of studios and decision makers?
    • What do agents, producers, and production companies need in a script?
    • How much is a script worth?
    • What are the best genres for new writers and why?
    • What are real steps you can take to ‘break in’ to television writing?
    • How do you best present or pitch a project without looking desparate?
    • How do you negotiate a contract without an agent?
    • How do you exude confidence and seal your first deal?

These and other insights are sure to give you and your screenplay a leg-up for success in this competitive landscape!

Product information

  • Title: Writing for the Green Light
  • Author(s): Scott Kirkpatrick
  • Release date: March 2015
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781317704195