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Writing Java Apps with Cloud 9

Video Description

Code in the cloud with Cloud9!

About This Video

  • Use the Cloud 9 development environment to code amazing web applications in the Cloud. Access your development environment from any machine or device.

  • Create new workspaces for projects, which are fully configured, provisioned, and ready for code in minutes. Then share your new workspace with other developers with a single click!

  • Learn to use the required tools and services to take your development environment entirely into the cloud. Keep your source code secure and make your environments portable with Cloud-based resources.

  • In Detail

    In this course we'll discover how Cloud9 works, how we can get access to an environment, and how to get a workspace setup for Java application development. What’s great about Cloud 9 online IDE is that your environment is running on a virtual machine in the cloud and is fully configured for you by default in under a minute! Everything is provisioned for you in Cloud 9 with proven, compatibility-tested versions of everything, across the board. What’s also nice is you can access your Cloud environment from any browser, any where, on any device and you can share your environment with other developers for code review and/or paired programming. Working with an online IDE versus working with a typical hard-installed client is a similar experience as coding goes. But, when it comes to testing, running a localhost server, networking and some other subtle tasks, things go a bit differently because your environment is in your browser with Cloud 9. We'll learn the ins and outs of coding in the cloud and see just how efficient it can be.

    By leveraging the Cloud 9 online development environment we're on the cutting edge of application development and deployment. Let "Writing Java Apps with Cloud9" take you into the future of application development!